Colourism At Potomac Reunion

The Potomac ladies discuss colourism at reunion.
Image source: Bravo

Colourism at Potomac Reunion

The drama all came to a head in the three part reunion with the discussion of colourism at Potomac reunion.

Colourism At Potomac Reunion

The Potomac ladies discuss colourism at reunion.
Image source: Bravo

The latest season of The Real Housewives of Reunion has been on everyone’s lips; from damaging accusations to the misleading of viewers. The most talked about issue was definitely the discussion of colourism at the Potomac reunion.

The topic of colourism is an issue that has always been played down in the local and international entertainment industry but reality television has forced the issue wide open and it cannot help but be debated.

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Colourism at Potomac Reunion and franchise

The issue in connection with The Real Housewives of Potomac started to be raised two years ago during a reunion when certain adjectives such as ‘agressive’ and ‘angry’ were used to describe a few of the darker skinned cast members especially those that were involved in a physical altercation during the fifth season of the show.

In the two years that had passed, the issue has once again risen after yet another physical altercation. This time the altercation occurred between Mia Thornton who is a light-skinned black woman and Dr Wendy Osefo who is a dark-skinned black woman. The fact that Mia was the initiator of the fight and she was not punished as severely as Monique Samuels was after her altercation with Candiace Dillard-Basset in the fifth season was widely debated.

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This begged the question are the light-skinned cast members being held to a different standard than their dark-skinned counterparts? This as seen in a review of the drama by Black Enterprise which details all the behaviour towards Candiace and Wendy who are currently the only darker skinned members of the current season 7 cast.

Candiace Dillard-Bassett has been at the center of the colourism debate. Image via Twitter @TherealCandiace

Reverse colourism also showed its ugly head

The third installment also addressed issue of reverse colourism where Candiace accused Gizelle Bryant of using the fact that she is a light skinned woman to get away with all her past behaviour. This was quickly addressed as not being applicable, as Dr Wendy stated that the issue should not be used as a way to fire back at old grudges especially when it has no room in the argument.

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The producers of the Bravo reality show used the reunion platform to address the issue. This was done through each women addressing their views on the topic. This came across as a healthy discussion between the women on a topic that has been brought up on their particular franchise more than once.

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