The Tshwane Metro Police Department took part in cleaning up drug users from the streets. PHOTO: City of Tshwane

City of Tshwane cleans up streets of drug users and illegal traders

The City of Tshwane cleaned up the drug users that were at the Lions Bridge in the CBD and will continue to do more raids in future.


The Tshwane Metro Police Department took part in cleaning up drug users from the streets. PHOTO: City of Tshwane

The City of Tshwane’s mayor Randall Williams hit the streets of Pretoria this week to clean it up of drug users and those violating municipal by-laws.


The City of Tshwane led a law enforcement operation in Pretoria city centre and Sunnyside. Williams joined the law enforcement teams to drive the operation, he said.

The operation addressed the issue at the once-plush Venning Park in Arcadia. The park has instead become an empty and dry fenced land with missing benches and a place for the homeless.

Tshwane mayor Randall Williams led a crime operation in the city this week. PHOTO: City of Tshwane

“In addressing this, I have instructed the Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) to increase visibility around the park as an interim measure while we look for a lasting solution.”

Randall Williams

The operation also led to a drug raid at Lion Bridge in Edmond Street in the CBD.

Assisted by the private security company Proshield, the TMPD managed to clear the Lion Bridge of street drug users. Williams says TMPD will continue to visit the bridge for more raids.

But the operation did not end there. City officials from the Economic Development and Spatial Planning Department, the Health Department and the South African Police Service raided multiple shops. These shops had failed to comply with the city’s by-laws, health and safety regulations and the Liquor Act, said Williams.

Two businesses were closed and others were fined for not complying with municipal by-laws and health regulations. PHOTO: City of Tshwane

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Williams said two businesses were shut down for non-compliance with health regulations. Four businesses were issued with fines for operating with expired licences, he said.

“Illegal street traders were also removed and encouraged to apply for permits. By-laws are laws that are passed by the council of a municipality to regulate its affairs and the services the municipality provides in its area of jurisdiction.”

“Our multiparty coalition government is committed to enhancing safety and keeping Tshwane clean,” said Williams.

This is the second major law enforcement operation by the municipality this month. Williams said they plan many more going forward.

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