Fisherman's Lane

Strandfontein Seawall construction progress

City of Cape Town steps in with R3.4m to save popular fishing area

The environment can be rough…

Fisherman's Lane

Strandfontein Seawall construction progress

The City of Cape Town has stepped in to save a popular local fishing spot that has been hit by the environment. Fisherman’s Lane needed help, so now it’s got it.

Cape Town fishing: Fisherman’s Lane car park upgraded

The spot along the False Bay coastline has been described as having a “troublesome” relationship with the ocean. A degradation of the seawall and the adjoining infrastructure had made things rather unsafe.

The area had been in the spotlight on multiple occasions due to erosion from wave action and spring tides.

In October 2017, a report on remedial action was submitted to the City’s Coastal Transversal Working Group. Just more than six months later, in May 2018, a contractor moved onto the site to start a nine-week project aimed at restoring the infrastructure and preventing future damage.

The construction includes excavating and reinstalling the parking area edge and diverting the sewer line underneath the parking area. The project is funded by the City’s Recreation and Parks Development.

City Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security and Social Services, Alderman JP Smith is impressed all round.

“I was very impressed by what I saw during a recent site visit, both in terms of the work being done to address this longstanding issue, but also with the rate of progress of the contractor. It is our hope that the fishing fraternity will find the upgrades and reinforcements a step up from the challenges that they’ve had to contend with in the past.”

The neighbouring Strandfontein Pavillion is also being assessed for a possible upgrade.

Back in May, the City also announced plans to build a new neighbourhood near the Dunoon area. R42m will be spent on a new taxi tank and transport hub. The City expects the new transport hub to be fully operational within two years.

With calls for land and affordable housing dominating the narrative across the country, the new neighbourhood will be established across from Dunoon.