City of Cape Town gives Eskom

City of Cape Town gives Eskom the boot, looks elsewhere for energy requirements

Oh and the City aint the first to start looking for alternatives to Eskom. Fellow parastatal, Transnet, has also extended invitations to energy providers that are more… reliable than Eskom.

City of Cape Town gives Eskom

The city of Cape Town is looking to natural gas and other more… shall we say, reliable sources of energy to satiate its electricity needs.

Ian Neilson, the City’s mayoral committee member for finance, believes that the future does not reside in Eskom, but rather a mix on suppliers.

“A national grid powered by large power stations cannot be our sole source of energy, or even of electricity.”

Cape Town is not the only one to look for greener pastures, however. Transnet has opened its tendering process for green energy suppliers, and more than 40 have answered the call.

With parastatals starting to compete against one another and overseas companies making inroads into the local market, we might soon see the market open up to include more energy suppliers. Well, one can hope.