City beats SANRAL in court: No

City beats SANRAL in court: No N1/N2 tolls for Cape Town

Western Cape residents can travel toll free, mostly.

City beats SANRAL in court: No

Whether it’s paying (or not paying) your e-tolls or avoiding Chapman’s Peak to help ease your pocket, road tolling is more often than not, a complete disaster for the daily driver. The South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) had proposed plans to toll parts of the N1 and N2.

Thankfully, those plans have been completely shut down, by the Constitutional Court to be specific.

The City of Cape Town took SANRAL to court after not agreeing “with much” of what SANRAL was proposing for the N1 and N2. Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development Brett Herron, spoke to Cape Talk’s John Maythan. Herron labelled urban tolling “not viable” saying the City would not support it as the infrastructure for it to work well, was “just not there.” SANRAL has been ordered by the court to pay over R20 million for the city’s legal costs, but both parties still believe they can work together.

Herron says SANRAL have since reached out to the City in order to come up with alternative plans. The City do acknowledge that plans need to be made for bypassing the Somerset West area and the occurring traffic, all we know for now though is that tolling will not be an option.

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