Citizenship for children

Citizenship for children

Get all the information concerning citizenship for your child.

Citizenship for children

SOUTH AFRICAN clients, who went through the process of obtaining British citizenship, often ask whether their children born in the UK will automatically obtain British citizenship, and what the case will be regarding South African citizenship for the child.

The answer regarding British citizenship is that it will depend on where the child will be born. If the child is born in Britain (i.e. British by birth), he/she will automatically be British and the parents can simply apply for a British passport straightaway.

If the child is born outside of the UK (i.e. British by descent), the application will have to be made through the British High Commission. This must be done in Pretoria if the child is born in South Africa.


If the parents hold dual nationality, South African and British citizenship, the child will also be able to apply for SA citizenship. The parents will need to register your child’s birth at the South African High Commission, if born in the UK. This must be done shortly after the birth. If the child is born in South Africa, the parents must simply register the birth at the Department of Home Affairs.


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