Blue light hijacking. Image: pexels.com

CIT heist: Cash-in-transit robbers shot dead in Paarl

Rough justice was served on Tuesday, as a group of would-be cash-in-transit (CIT) robbers were gunned down by an expert team of officers in Paarl.


Blue light hijacking. Image: pexels.com

At least two armed robbers have been shot dead, after a Special Task Force of the Western Cape Police received a tip-off about plans to target a cash-in-transit (CIT) vehicle in Paarl. Eight other gang members have also been apprehended following a highly-dangerous, yet ultimately successful mission for the authorities.

Cash-in-transit heist nipped in the bud outside of Paarl, Western Cape

One of our sources has said that the group had come from the Eastern Cape in order to pull off an ambitious CIT heist. They had got as far as the Huguenot Tunnel, emerging on the Paarl side of the iconic pass. However, law enforcement sprang into action and gave chase the suspects’ vehicle (a minibus taxi).

A deadly shootout ensued, as the criminals opened fire on police officers. The exchange of gunfire worked in favour of the cops, who managed to bring all 11 potential CIT thieves to a halt. The carnage and subsequent clear-up operation ended up playing havoc with the N1 inbound traffic on Tuesday night, though:

Paarl CIT: At least two criminals dead, death toll could rise on Wednesday

The criminal syndicate was left in a bad way, and emergency services rushed to the scene. Three perps were declared dead on arrival, and another suspect was rushed to hospital for his critical injuries. Seven more members were placed under arrrest, after receiving treatment for injuries sustained in the gun battle.

Cops foil suspected CIT heist

Wednesday. The robust reactions of the officers and the specialised crime unit has won all kinds of praise and acclaim online, as social media users expressed their support for the quick-thinking cops who were left with no choice but to return fire. As far as we understand, none of the would-be cash-in-transit robbers got away with any cash. The SA Police Service (SAPS) have released a statement on the matter:

“The occupants of the taxi allegedly fired at the team and the police returned fire. Consequently, 11 suspects were arrested, six of those were unharmed whilst two were injured and are under hospital guard. Three of the suspects were fatally wounded and that incident is being investigated by the IPID. 

“The team swiftly acted on information received about suspects allegedly involved in multiple cash-in-transit heists in the Eastern Cape. Those arrested are facing charges of attempted murder, possession of suspected stolen property and the investigation is ongoing.”