Church congregants told to starve themselves to death by pastor. Image: Photo by Yasuyoshi CHIBA / AFP

Church congregants starve themselves to death, believing they will ‘meet Jesus’

Kenyan police found 58 bodies after an investigation into a ‘starvation cult’ led by a self proclaimed church pastor in Kenya.


Church congregants told to starve themselves to death by pastor. Image: Photo by Yasuyoshi CHIBA / AFP

Kenyan police have exhumed 58 bodies near the coastal town of Malindi, as they investigate a preacher said to have told church congregants to starve themselves to death.

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Church congregants dead bodies found

Amongst the discovered bodies, children bodies were also found. Police said the process of removing the bodies is still ongoing.

The shallow graves are in a place called Shakahola forest, where 15 members of the Good News International Church were rescued a week ago.

The church leader, Paul Makenzie Nthenge is in custody, pending a court appearance.

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Makenzie is described as a “cult leader”, and it was reported that 58 graves have so far been identified in the investigation process.

One of the graves is believed to contain the bodies of five members of the same family – three children and their parents.

Paul Makenzie Nthenge has denied any wrongdoing, but has been refused bail. He insists that he shut down his church in 2019.

He allegedly told followers to starve themselves in order to “meet Jesus”.

Bodies of some congregants found in the village. Image by Yasuyoshi CHIBA / AFP

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Authorities in Kenya say pathologists will take DNA samples and conduct tests to determine whether the victims died of starvation.

Police arrested Paul Nthenge on 15 April after discovering the bodies of four people suspected of having starved themselves to death.

Victor Kaudo of the Malindi Social Justice Centre told Citizen TV “when we are in this forest and come to an area where we see a big and tall cross, we know that means more than five people are buried there”.

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It is alleged that Nthenge baptised his church congregants in three villages Nazareth, Bethlehem and Judea in ponds before telling them to fast.

Kenya is a religious country and there have been previous cases of people being lured into dangerous, unregulated churches or cults.

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