Christians SA launch petition

Christians SA launch petition to try stop “satanic” bands coming to South Africa

Assault on free speech or legit concern? What do you think?

Christians SA launch petition

Christians SA has started a petition called “Stop Promoting Satanism in South Africa”. The petition asks people to boycott venues who will host “satanic” bands in South Africa.

It takes aim specificially at the Bassline in Johannesburg and The Assembly in Cape Town. The bands in question? Behemoth and Rotting Christ.

Rotting Christ, a Greek band who has been at the forefront of the black metal scene for many years, are no strangers for causing a stir with their name. Back in 1999, the ban dwas accused of being “anti-Catholic” by Christian conservative Gary Bauer. Sakis Tolis, a band member, responded by saying:

Living in (so called) democratic societies, I think everyone should have the right to call religions as he/she wants. We in fact simply believe they are “rotting”! We are not a “satanic-crusader” type of band but rather one of the many bands that represent the dark side in nowadays Metal music.

Behemoth, on the other hand, actively uses satanic themes in their lyrics and their vocalist Adam “Nergal” Darski explained in an interview with The Guardian that it’s all about Satan being something is “dear to him”.

“For me personally, I’ve always related to antiheroes,” he says. “In most cases they were scapegoats, martyrs and negative archetypes, tools that were used in order to make other people into slaves. To me, Satan stands for everything that is dear to me. I’ve always been very fond of independence and autonomy and freethinking and freedom and intelligence. Satan has always been a very strong symbol of all those values, so for me it’s very natural to take his side.”

Well, that’s obviously going to upset a few people. Anyway, the bands are being brought to South Africa by to SA by Witchdoctor Promotions. The  Production company has always been at the forefront of the South African metal scene, but this is not the first time they’ve run into protest from Christians.

Chanel24 reports that in April last year they had three venues cancel on them and sponsors pull out due to pressure from certain groups which led to a 10 000 capacity event turning into a 1200 capacity event.