westbury human remains found on cape town beach

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Police investigating reports of child abductions in Zonnebloem

According to reports, children are being abducted and drugged.

westbury human remains found on cape town beach

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Following several reports of young children being abducted from the Zonnebloem area in Cape Town, the South African Police Service (SAPS) is urging anyone with information to come forward.

According to a report by News24, children have been abducted while walking to or from school. The series of kidnappings began two weeks ago, and since then, schools in the area have been urged to be on the lookout for suspicious persons or vehicles operating in the area.

School learners targeted

A district social worker, who has chosen to withhold her identity, confirmed the abduction reports. She has advised learners to be vigilant and asks that parents collect their children from the school premises.

The social worker, who has notified all local schools of the recent kidnappings, said:

“Multiple cases have been reported to my office, of learners walking to and from school and being drugged and taken in a van/vehicle.”

Debbie Schäfer, head of the Western Cape education department, said she was aware of the alleged abductions effecting learners in the Zonnebloem area.

While acknowledging the seriousness of these reports, Schäfer noted that the threat was localised to the Zonnebloem area, and that law enforcement agencies were currently investigating.

In a statement to the media, the education department MEC said:

“I have received reports from our district officials that two separate incidents of abductions have reportedly taken place in the Zonnebloem area over the past two weeks. Learners are reportedly being targeted while travelling to and from school.”

Schools, learners and parents urged to be vigilant

Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana issued a statement on behalf of SAPS on Thursday, confirming that patrols had been activated in the area, following reports of child kidnappings.

Rwexana has called on the public to provide investigators with information relating to the abductions, noting that community cooperation was vital to defeating such crimes. The spokesperson said:

“We regard abduction and other crimes in a serious light. Hence, we urge those with information about the above cited cases to report them immediately. It is our objective to investigate in order to bring the perpetrators to book.

We advise learners and parents to be vigilant at all times on their way to and from school. SAPS patrols and operations will continue in the area in an effort to ensure visibility.”