Power outage

The R55 has been blockaded by angry residents in Centurion because of power outages. Image-X @ Yusuf Abramjee

Centurion: Angry residents block R55 due to power outages

Wide spread power outages in Centurion and other surrounding areas have plagued residents as the strike affects repairs.

Power outage

The R55 has been blockaded by angry residents in Centurion because of power outages. Image-X @ Yusuf Abramjee

Tempers flared as angry Centurion residents took to the streets to block the R55 with burning tires due to the extended power outages in the area.

The impact of the municipal workers’ strike is being felt as various parts of Centurion have been without power for days, as well as cellphone coverage cuts.

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Pretoria Rekord reported that some areas in Centurion, such as parts of Lyttelton, Kloofsig and De Hoewes, remain in the dark.

According to a statement by Ward 79 councillors Johan van Buuren and David Farquharson, power repair times in Centurion cannot be confirmed as the Metro grapples with the strike.

“The teams that are assisting are dispatched under the guidance of senior officials when it’s safe to do so.”

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41 letters of intention to dismiss issued to striking workers

In a recent update, Mayor Cilliers Brink said the delays in restoring electricity in areas such as Centurion are caused by the intimidation of City employees by striking workers.

“On 3 August 2023, 41 letters intending to dismiss employees were issued, and more will be issued from 4 August from the desk of the City manager,” said Brink.

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In the issued statement by the City, it has been revealed that a total of 15 employees have been arrested so far and charged with public violence as well as being faced with internal charges.

“Residents of Tshwane cannot be held ransom by the striking employees who continue to prevent their colleagues from performing duties they are paid for.”

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Waste collection recovery plan for businesses

The City’s waste collection services have not been running in various parts of Tshwane due to the protest action, resulting in disruptions to normal waste collection operations

The strike action also impacted the functioning of the disposal facilities, which could not open for operations due to threats.

“Compactor trucks collected waste, but there was no available site to dispose of the waste.”

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Law enforcement teams have been dispatched to escort waste collection trucks servicing businesses to ensure the rendering of waste management services.