Mugg & Bean shot dead

A man was shot dead at a Mugg & Bean restaurant in KZN. Photo: File Image

CCMA to decide after claims that Mugg & Bean store only wanted white manager

The Somerset West Mugg & Bean store has raised quite a few eyebrows after a concerned customer got the media’s attention about an alleged race-related incident.

Mugg & Bean shot dead

A man was shot dead at a Mugg & Bean restaurant in KZN. Photo: File Image

The Cape Times reports that the former manager of the Mugg & Bean restaurant in Waterstone Village Mall in Somerset West, has turned to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).

According to the manager, Andile Bozo, was dismissed by his employer and allegedly told that customers were demanding to be served by a white manager.

Bozo had managed to work his way up from washing cars 11 year ago to working at different Famous Brands stores. At the Waterstone village Mugg & Bean, he had been working for four-and-a-half-years.

One of the restaurant’s regular customers actually wrote to the Cape Times after being concerned about Bozo’s dismissal.

“My husband is a regular at the Mugg & Bean Waterstone Village. Over the past three years that we have lived here he has got to know the former manager, Bozo, reasonably well. We both think he is a nice guy and a very competent manager.”

“We thus were shocked to hear that the new owners were retrenching him, especially since they had recently appointed two white members of staff and were not applying the last-in, first-out principle. We really believe this is unacceptable behaviour in this day and age,” the customer told the paper.

Bozo explains that things started going south after a new owner arrived in December. Apparently, the first thing the owner wanted to know was “why the store had no white waitress and waiters.”

Bozo explained that they had quit and the new owner then proceeded to hire two more. They also ended up leaving after a few months.

“He [the owner] didn’t give up; he deployed another two. Among the two was his son. He told me he didn’t need me anymore as he had the people he wanted.”

Bozo eventually received a retrenchment letter and confronted the owner, the owner then defended himself and said that the customers wanted a white manager, not him.

Mugg & Bean operations executive, Jeanne Geldenhuys, confirmed that with an internal investigation being carried out, the matter has now been submitted to the CCMA.