Cape Town, your help is needed

Cape Town, your help is needed to remember Ahmed Kathrada

Cape Town, this is your chance to remember uncle Kathy and hear Pravin Gordhan speak.

Cape Town, your help is needed

On Thursday, Cape Town will have its own memorial for ANC stalwart Ahmed Kathrada. But your help is needed to get the word out there.

Activist Zackie Achmat poste the following message on Facebook:

Dear Friends

We need volunteers to distribute flyers for Ahmed #Kathrada‘s Cape Town Memorial and our program to organise against President Zuma.

Pick up and briefing at Ndifuna Ukwazi, 18 Roeland Street tomorrow. Contact Daneel on whatsapp 0735358401

And yes, oom Pravin will be there and he will speak. Again.

Briefing and pickup will be any time from 9am.

Kathrada was one of the first ANC stalwarts to speak out against Jacob Zuma and one of the first big political names to call for him to stand down. Kathrada did this all last year already. You could say that Kathrada was a #ZumaMustFall hipster.

Since Kathrada’s passing, the services where he has been remembered have been heavily politically charged. At his official funeral, Pravin Gordhan was praised and he received a standing ovation while Kgalema Motlanthe quoted the letter Kathrada wrote calling for Zuma to step down.

Then, at his memorial in Johannesburg this weekend, Barbara Hogan, his partner, former minister and anti-apartheid activist, delivered one of the most powerful speeches since this mess began.

Needless to say, then, you can expect things to get lit in Cape Town on Thursday. Gordhan has been instrumental in speaking out against the kakistocracy. And with everything building up to mass action and mobilisation on Friday, this could get tasty.