Cape Town weather

Cape Town weather forecast: Sizeable rains expected for Sunday to ease worries

The data is in and the meteorologists have shared with us their thoughts. The Cape Town weather forecast for Sunday 12 August is here.

Cape Town weather

The Cape Town weather for Sunday 12 August is looking very positive for Mother City residents. The expected rainfall should do wonders. How much rain and when will it come down exactly? We’ve got you covered with our latest weather report.

Cape Town weather for Sunday 12 August

If Monday’s Cape downpour wasn’t enough for you, the Cape mountains and lower areas are expected to bring in a decent amount. While the data was originally showing great signs for quite a lot of rain, things now appear that they will be a bit more moderate.

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So, let’s start by looking at what our always reliable (99.9% of the time) Ventusky data has to say.

Rainfall is expected to start reaching the shoreline at around 8:00 so expect the first few drizzles to start while you’re trying to keep your long weekend lie-in going. Things will start picking up at around 11:00 as the rain slowly begins to actually start making a visible difference.

Don’t panic if it’s still dry where you are until lunchtime, though. Things will only really get going at around 14:00 as Cape Town CBD would have welcomed in about 4mm of rainfall by this stage.

Cape Town weather

The period around 17:00 will see the more southern parts of the Cape experience their “highest” point during the cold front. While the core of the rain won’t move completely South, the Wynberg area will take in about 5mm.

By 20:00, expect all forms of rain to be gone.

Cape Town weather

Meteorologist at AfricaWeather, Allan Morrison, tells TheSouthAfrican that while there might be constant rain. Nothing too heavy is expected.

“The models have backed off the intensity Sunday’s front over the past few days, earlier this week it looks like it would be a powerful front. Weatherwise on Sunday a cloudy day is expected with occasional on and off light rain and drizzle through much of the day, the rain may be persistent at times near the mountains but nothing too heavy is expected anymore.”
In terms of rainfall amounts, Morrison says that most areas in the South West Cape should see 5-10mm during the course of the day with 15-25mm near the mountains.
No strong winds are expected on Sunday although fresh North Westerly winds can be expected on Saturday.