Road closures sona 2021 cape town traffic

Adderley Street in Cape Town. Image via Adobe Stock

Cape Town traffic: Road closures for SONA 2021 on Thursday 11 February

Here’s everything you need to know about road closures before and during the State of the Nation (SONA) address.

Road closures sona 2021 cape town traffic

Adderley Street in Cape Town. Image via Adobe Stock

We have confirmation, the State of the Nation Address (SONA) will take place on Thursday 11 February 2021. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s address will go down a bit differently.

For starters, no more than 50 participants will be allowed inside the National Assembly Chamber. All other Members of Parliament and guests will connect through a virtual platform. 

That said, SONA is still one of the most important events on the South African political calendar, and that means that road closures before and during the SONA address could lead to disappointment and frustration if you’re not prepared.

State of the Nation Address (SONA) 2021

Where and when will SONA be held?

The SONA address will be delivered by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday 11 February at 19:00. Thanks to the pandemic, there shouldn’t be any delays, but of course, it’s guaranteed that the event will be disruption-free either.

Approximately 12% of the regular guest list has been cleared for this year’s address. In addition, no more than 50 Members of Parliament, representatives from the Judiciary and the Executive in the physical chamber will be attending. Everyone else will tune in virtually.

Before and during the event, traffic will still be nasty. Keep reading for the full list of all road closures.

Road closures for 10 and 11 February

Road closures are set in place two days leading up to the event, and Cape Town motorists are advised restrictions and temporary closures around Parliament ahead of the hybrid Joint Sitting.

SONA parking restrictionsPhase 1

Parking restrictions will be in place from 23:50 on Wednesday 10 February until 23:45 on Thursday 11 February 2021.

  • Church Square, corner of Spin and Parliament Street
  • Roeland Street: between Plein and Buitekant Street
  • Plein Street: between Roeland and Spin Street
  • Spin Street: between Parliament and Plein Street
  • Parliament Street: between Longmarket and Bureau Street
  • St John’s Streets: between Roeland and Vrede Street
  • Adderley Street: between Wale Street and Longmarket Street
  • St Mary’s Cathedral Parking Area: between Bouquet and Roeland Street
  • Commercial Street between Buitenkant and Plein Street
  • Barrack Street between Buitenkant and Plein Street
  • Mostert Street between Buitenkant and Plein Street
  • Wale Street up to Queen Victoria Street
  • Hope Street from Roeland to Bouquet Street
  • Longmarket to Barrack Street
  • Church Street from St Georges Mall to Adderley Street

Bi-directional routes – Phase 2

During Phase 2, a change of direction will take place between 6:00 and 23:45 on 11 February 2021 on Commercial Street between Plein and Buitenkant Street becomes bi-directional.

“Parliament apologises for any inconvenience caused by the road closures to members of the public”.

Parliament of RSA.

SONA road closures – Phase 3

Note that Phase 3’s closures has been scheduled for 6:00 to 23:45 on 11 February for the following streets:

  • Church Square
  • Roeland Street: between Plein and 69m past Hope Street
  • Closure of Company Gardens
  • Government Avenue from Orange Street to Wale Street
  • Plein Street from Barrack Street to Roeland Street
  • St Johns Street from Roeland Street to Bouquet Street.
  • Gallery Lane
  • Bouquet Street
  • Parliament Street from the gates of Parliament to Spin Street
  • Commercial Street: between Plein Street and 10m past the Nieuw Meester entrance.