Staff member tests positive at Delft Primary Schools

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Staff member at Cape Town primary school tests positive for COVID-19

While preparations are underway for the return of learners, a staff member at a school in Cape Town has tested positive for COVID-19.

Staff member tests positive at Delft Primary Schools

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A staff member at the Hague Primary School in Delft, Cape Town has tested positive for COVID-19. 

The Western Cape Education Department confirmed the news on Tuesday 26 May. This comes as schools across the country prepare for the return of Grade 7 and 12 learners on 1 June. Some teachers have already returned to their respective schools to prepare.


Western Cape Education Department spokesperson Kerry Mauchline confirmed the positive case. 

“The Hague, I can confirm a positive case [staff member] has been reported to us. The school is following the protocol and has reopened,” said Mauchline. 

Mauchline said the necessary protocols will be followed, adding that the school has been disinfected accordingly. When asked when the staff member tested positive, Mauchline said: 

“Unfortunately we can’t give out details about the staff member’s case due to privacy”. 


Mauchline also said a guideline has been sent out to schools should a learner or staff member test positive for COVID-19. 

The guidelines include what to do should a learner display symptoms, should they be exposed to someone with symptoms or if a learner has been confirmed to have COVID-19. The same protocols apply for staff members.  

Should a learner test positive: 

  • The principal must report all confirmed cases to the circuit manager/district director immediately, as well as information pertaining to the case such as; when last the learner was at school; with whom they were in direct contact; and with whom they were in casual contact.
  • The principal and district officials will do an assessment of the case and the district official will confirm the actions to be taken;
  • The Department of Health will be responsible for identifying people with whom the learner has been in contact with and will advise the WCED on any further actions or precautions to be taken;
  • In most cases, closure of the facility or school will be unnecessary;
  • Remember that only the Head of Department can authorise the closure of an educational institution; and
  • The Head of Department will be informed by the district and will act on the advice of the Department of Health.

Should a staff member test positive: 

  • The COVID-19 positive staff member must apply for sick leave;
  • All staff members and learners who were in close contact with the affected person are to self-isolate for a maximum of 14 days since the last contact;
  • All staff members required to self-isolate must apply for special leave;
  • A list of such staff members must be kept and submitted to the relevant district office;
  • The district office must keep records and submit these to Head Office’s People Management Practices (PMP) section; 
  • The cleaning/disinfecting of the affected space must be facilitated; and
  • Contact must be maintained with such a staff member or learner as a means of monitoring and evaluation.