Cape Town protests

Cape Town protests: Rubber bullets fired in Westlake with over 200 demonstrators

Another violent protest in Cape Town.

Cape Town protests

The Mother City has been greatly affected by numerous violent forms of protest action over the last month or so. Just as one area calmed down, another started to kick off. On Monday, protests in Westlake have seen police clash with more than 200 angry residents.

Westlake protest leaves multiple roads closed

Multiple routes have been closed in Westlake after the protests continued to grow from the early hours of Monday morning. Residents are protesting over a lack of service delivery and housing.

Police have been forced to use rubber bullets, tear gas and stun grenades against protesters as they burnt tyres. The situation in the area had at one point been described as “volatile”.

Westlake community leader Amanda Nobande told the media that residents will continue to protest throughout the day against their community leader.

Residents say that they have now discovered that there is no budget allocated for Westlake. This is obviously contrary to what the councillor had been claiming.

“We want land. When people moved here they were promised houses but that did not happen and the place is now overcrowded. The land that the Councillor promised the people has been taken by private companies … instead of giving land to people that need houses they give it to the rich people.”

Nobande insisted that protesters will not hurt anyone or damage vehicles. All they will continue to do, is not allow cars into Westlake.

The City of Cape Town slightly contradicts those claims as it highlights that there have been reports of petrol bombs thrown in the area.

While protesters were awaiting the arrival of councillor Penny East, they eventually decided to march to her instead.

Police are on scene and monitoring the situation.