Cape Town nightclub’s boob job

Cape Town nightclub’s boob job giveaway causes uproar

The Tiger Tiger nightclub in Cape Town is facing backlash over a competition to win a boob job to celebrate National Cleavage Day.

Cape Town nightclub’s boob job

Cape Town’s Tiger Tiger nightclub has caused a stir for offering the prize of a “boob job” to one lucky winner in celebration of National Cleavage Day on 29 March.

The competition offers R30,000 for a breast augmentation of the winner’s choice – but breast cancer campaigners say the prize should rather go to a woman who has undergone a mastectomy. The Facebook page promoting the event is dominated by hundreds of people calling for it to go to a woman who has lost her breasts to cancer.

Kyle Brinkmann, who began the campaign, and said: “I am dead serious about getting this surgery to people in need.”

He asked people to comment on the event saying they support him 100% and that: “If I win, I am giving the surgery to a breast cancer survivor or a transgendered woman in need.”

The event organisers said, “We are incredibly moved by the number of people who want to enter for a ‘better cause’ and would never take that away from anyone. We find it very inspiring.”

However, arguments have since raged on the page as some people have said that breast cancer survivors should not receive special treatment over anyone whose lives suffer through low self-esteem.

Aimee May D’onofrio said: “Why do only transgendered or cancer patients deserve a boob job when so many woman suffer from soul destroying bad self-esteem that can be caused by her two breasts being different sizes or her breasts causing back problems due to being too large or just the bad self-image that flat chestedness could cause because of bullying. Everybody deserves some love.”

Samantha Elizabeth Mitchell disagreed, and said: “Picture this: You had to remove both your breasts in order to save your own life. You are left with major medical bills, a flat chest and you have no way of even dreaming of getting implants. How can a woman like this not be more deserving than a self-conscious girl?”

The competition can be entered by commenting on the Facebook event with an email address or by visiting the club until 29 March when the prize will be awarded. The winner gets to keep the prize or give it away.