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Cape Town declared most trusted Municipality in SA, Joburg and NMB make gains

See who improved and who got worse.

Cape Town buses

The latest South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) for municipalities has announced that City of Cape Town residents “trust their municipality the most and are most satisfied with service delivery”.

The index conducted by Consulta included SA’s eight metropolitan councils namely; Cape Town, Buffalo City, Ekurhuleni, eThekwini, Johannesburg, Mangaung, Nelson Mandela Bay and Tshwane.

While Cape Town may have the top SAcsi score of 2017, the Mother City’s score has actually dipped compared to last year. The municipality scored 70.3 in 2016 but only scored 68.5 this year. This drop shows a downward trend for Cape Town who scored 71.9 in 2015.

On an overall national level, South African citizens’ trust and satisfaction with their municipalities have hit a three year low. The industry average is an incredibly low 59.3.

So what municipality is the least trustworthy and satisfactory in the country? Buffalo City, the Eastern Cape municipality continues to score ridiculous low with just 47.2.

Ekurhuleni, Tshwane and Johannesburg scored on par with the industry, all scored between 57 and 59.

The most impressive improvement in customer satisfaction came from Nelson Mandela Bay. The municipality increased their score by 5.2 from 53.8 in 2016 to 59.0 this year.

Only two other municipalities increased their score compared to the previous year. Johannesburg and Eurhuleni. Johannesburg increased by 2.4 points (57 from 54.6) and Ekurhuleni had an improvement of 1.8 points (59.8 from 58).

Focussing soley on trust now, Cape Town scored well above industry average with a score of 72.4. Although the industry average is 64.9, the municipality had a 4.7 drop from 2016’s score of 77.1

Buffalo City continues to perform just as poorly when only trustworthiness is looked at. The lowest trust index score was 51.4 for Buffalo City, which further declined from 52.6 in 2016.

Nelson Mandela Bay’s increase in trustworthiness alone was also huge. A 9.9 increase saw them rise from 57.5 to 67.4. Consulta

Consulta CEO Prof. Adre Schreuder described the 2016 municipal elections as “a watershed moment for post-democracy politics in South Africa.”

“…people’s shifting sentiment was reflected in how they voted. Municipalities that saw significant changes in leadership increased their overall SAcsi scores, with the exception of Tshwane, which declined possibly due to lingering structural challenges.”