Cape Town abduction

Photo: Pixabay

Grade R pupil ‘narrowly avoids abduction’ from Cape Town school

Tensions amongst parents and caregivers have escalated in Cape Town this week, after a Grade R pupil was allegedly targeted in an abduction plot.

Cape Town abduction

Photo: Pixabay

A young learner at the Mikro Primary School in Kuils River, Cape Town has a lucky escape last week, it has been revealed. The Grade R pupil was allegedly targeted for abduction by a stranger, who swiftly vanished just after the incident was reported.

Cape Town: Kuils River ‘abduction attempt’ explained

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk confirmed to IOL that the school principal went to the authorities last Thursday, to report a suspected abduction attempt. The circumstances of this crime are being investigated by local law enforcement.

“A primary school principal reported the incident of an attempted abduction of a learner that occurred on Thursday, September 17. An inquiry has been registered and the circumstances surrounding the incident are currently being investigated by Kuils River FCS Unit.”

FC van Wyk of Cape Town SAPS

Here’s how the jarring incident played out last Thursday. It was only thanks to the vigilance of the school staff that the suspected abduction in Cape Town was foiled:

  • Just after 12.30, the Grade R pupils, as usual, waited for their parents to collect them.
  • An adult woman, from outside the gate, said to one of the teachers that she was there to fetch a specific child.
  • The teachers then contacted the parent of said child, to establish if they gave permission for this to happen.
  • The mother denied this was the case, revealing that she was on her way to the school to fetch her daughter.
  • Confronted with this, the teachers went to find the suspicious woman – but she had disappeared from sight.

Child abduction in South Africa

The country has been on high alert for child abductions this month, after a viral video from Florida in Gauteng made international headlines. An attempted kidnapping was heroically prevented by a restaurant owner – but the incident held a mirror up to one of the unspoken evils in South Africa society.

On Monday, the Free State government expressed serious concerns that ‘child-snatchers’ were operating in Bloemfontein, warning parents to cast a keen eye over their kids for the foreseeable future.