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From flying to trading: I have never looked back!

What is trading? What does forex stand for? I had no previous experience in this industry but that did not stop me. I knew I could do anything.


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Who knew that after many years of flying and being up in the air, the world of forex (foreign exchange) would land me back to earth?

Truth is, when I finished my psychology studies, I was stuck in a rut. There were numerous question marks flying around concerning my future. Is this the career path that I am meant to be taking? And the cliché: Will this make me happy?

As a subject, psychology fulfilled me on a personal level, and I learned how to master emotions and uncertainty. At the end of the day, psychology comes handy on all occasions, right?

That’s when I decided to spontaneously apply for a cabin crew position for my country’s national airline. Having no experience whatsoever in the airline industry, I was trained and in a month’s time, I began my first flights.

Everything was looking good until Covid-19 hit, and soon my role as a flight attendant would become insufficient. I needed a change.

How I got into forex trading

That’s when I was lucky enough to be introduced to one of the best companies I have ever worked with – XM.

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I found the job application by chance on LinkedIn and was immediately intrigued to find out more. What is trading? What does forex stand for? I had no previous experience in this industry, but that did not stop me. If I can learn about an aircraft in a few weeks’ time, I can surely learn everything about forex trading.

After all, there had to be a reason why there was so much hype around trading! This is the spirit that got me the position as a livestream coordinator at XM’s Live Education – a wonderful work environment that focuses on teamwork and great dynamics. 

I am about to complete my second year in this amazing team as an XM host and all I can say is that time flies by when you’re having fun. I have created relationships with our hosts, streamers and trading experts, alongside other XM departments, in efforts to promote our Live Education product and spread the word.

I know that people don’t like to use the word “family” to describe their co-workers but honestly, I can’t think of any other way that best describes my team.

What I have learned throughout my experience with working with XM is that with just a little training, everyone can learn how to trade.

Going live brought me a new excitement that I never knew I needed. This excitement becomes even more intense when we have our viewers participating in our live chat room and asking questions. This gives my role as a host more meaning as I want to present trading with XM in a simplified way so that everyone can feel motivated to learn, just like I did.

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Trading can be for everyone

Regarding the actual trading itself, I will honestly say that I never thought I would get around it. The experts do such an amazing job in explaining how to trade and where to begin – in simple words – that people like me who have never done this before, can learn all about it.

I used to think that trading wasn’t for everyone, but I was clearly wrong. Joining the XM Live Education team quickly made me realise that literally anyone can learn how to trade, including myself. From not knowing what forex meant, I am now presenting daily special shows on Trader Lingo and Candlestick Patterns, sharing information that every trader should know when they begin their trading journey. 

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If you’re reading this, join our educational series online from Monday to Friday, 6:00 until 15:00 GMT, and you will understand exactly what I have been speaking about. Our good team spirit can’t be hidden. You will be hooked! 

This article was originally written by: Anna Kemenidou

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