Say "HELLO 2" a communication device coming to revolutionise SA business

Labinot Bytyqi is the CEO of Solaborate, and creator of HELLO 2

Say “HELLO 2” a communication device coming to revolutionise SA business

Remember the name Labinot Bytyqi – it certainly is a unique one…

Say "HELLO 2" a communication device coming to revolutionise SA business

Labinot Bytyqi is the CEO of Solaborate, and creator of HELLO 2

Most of us have been there: You’re in the office, waiting to go on a conference call to an office so far away from yours, it might as well be in Mordor… and that’s when the connection issues begin. HELLO 2 is here to save us.

In this ‘Mordor’ scenario, the connection looks, at best, like it’s being filmed via a potato. There’s a lag, a lull in the sound, and a large chunk of your day is lost to making sure you can string two words together. So thank heavens for the innovative mind of Labinot Bytyqi. He’s the CEO of Solaborate, and their HELLO 2 platform is here to relieve the stress.

An idea born of frustration

It was this laborious back and forth that told the former SAP employee to do something about it. He went rogue – well, plotted his own path – and committed to setting up streaming software that was easy to use.

We chatted to Labinot via his HELLO 2 streaming network, and we’ve got to say… We are mightily impressed. Easier to set up than a Google Hangout call, and more negotiable than a Skype maze, we were online in seconds. The crisp sound quality and crystal clear connection proved these guys have a future in South Africa.

What can HELLO 2 offer South Africa?

In fact, they are quite indebted to South Africa themselves. Mr Bytyqi revealed to thesouthafrican that their most recent Kickstarter programme, for HELLO 1, was heavily supported by donors in Mzansi. He thanked our generous backers, and stated that SA could bank on the LA-based company’s business in the near future.

In total, the project raised $648,000. It provided Labinot with enough capital to launch the first version, which has reaped the rewards since launching last year.

HELLO 2 are in the process of becoming certified re-sellers for service providers in this country. Labinot says they are prepared to give something back to SA:

“Our streaming device is designed to bridge the gaps between entire continents. We want to simplify lives, and communications – because everything that happens in business is done by communication.”

“We believe that entrepreneurs in South Africa can build business through HELLO 2. Our technology can transform any screen into a video conference system, a wireless sharing device, and a device for live broadcasting. This is an easy solution for home and office use, and it requires no additional plug-ins”

What happens next for HELLO 2?

However, the Solaborate boss isn’t just all work and no play. Labinot says he and his colleagues are looking to take H2 into the interchangeable worlds of gaming and TV streaming. Should they replicate their previous success, there will be no goodbyes needed for the HELLO team.

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