Here are four top tips on the trick to business success

Follow these top tips to better your chances of success in the world of business.



Despite the well-known state of the construction industry currently, a Western Cape construction and building business has managed to triple its size since inception and has grown exponentially since humble beginnings in 2010.

This success is testament to the passion of the sibling co-owners of Judante Building Solutions, and the power of sustained support from Sanlam Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programme.

Since joining the Sanlam ESD programme as a Santam supplier in 2015 for three years, Judante has culminated a revenue leap of 60% since 2016.

Dane Thomson, co-owner of Judante, says, “Even now, after our time on the programme has ended, we feel equipped and confident with the knowledge on how to proceed in achieving our vision for our business.”

Four top tips on the trick to success

The name Judante is derived from Dane and his two siblings’ – Justin and Tenille – names. They’re a young, highly-skilled team with a passion for the built environment, entrepreneurship and business development.

The company evolved out of a former family-run building and maintenance business with 17 years’ experience operating in the Western Cape.

“We’ve always shared a vision of being partners in business to establish a building contracting brand that will leave a legacy and stand the test of time,” shares Thomson.

Below, Thomson shares advice with other entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses, based on Judante’s experience in the Sanlam ESD programme:

Focus on your foundation

The economy is unpredictable and for many, construction companies are not a necessary cost. At times like these, it is best to focus on perfecting your operations and ensuring you’re running a sleek ship once the country moves out of tough economic times.

Keep your vision in sight

Figure out why you started your business and have a crystal-clear vision that can act as your “true North” to guide you when the chips are down.

Prioritise your personal growth

Focus on improving your knowledge and skillset constantly. The business world is ever-changing, and you need to be able to adapt and change with it. That requires ongoing learning.

Find the balance

Eat well, exercise regularly and grow spiritually. Taking care of yourself as well as spending your spare time doing things that make you happy. This is crucial to building the inner strength to take on everyday challenges with the right mind-set.

Ray-Ann Sedres, Head of Transformation at Santam, says their supplier network has huge influence and impact on driving the growth in the South African economy.

“Through the claims spent on small and medium businesses we create the scope for employment and business growth. The ESD programme is one of the mechanisms to facilitate this. At the same time, the group has invested R50 million over the past few years into the Association for Saving and Investment South Africa (ASISA) ESD Fund with the focus of directing our supply base who are ready for growth and expansion to tap into these funds.  To date, a total of just over R33m has been invested in Santam Group suppliers specifically.”

She continues, “While this is very encouraging, we are mindful that more can be done. The success achieved to date inspires us to continue our investment in entrepreneurs to enhance their competitive advantage and contribute to the diversification of the overall supply chain.”