Choose the Right Online Casino Singapore from Different Point of Views. Image: The South African Media Library 

The best places in the world for mobile casinos right now

Where do people use smartphones for casino gaming the most? Discover below.


Choose the Right Online Casino Singapore from Different Point of Views. Image: The South African Media Library 

When you think about it, smartphones are the modern-day pagers, encyclopaedias, torches and consoles. They might be small in size, light and portable. But smartphones can handle an unbelievably huge number of tasks.

According to Statista, 83% of people in the world own Internet-capable mobile devices. Over two billion of these people also gamble online by betting on sports or playing slots and table games.

The UK

Mobile phone use in the UK has been growing by an average rate of 14% since 2005. Coincidentally, Britain legalized online casinos that same year. Today, 95% of people in the country own mobile devices.

In fact, the average Brit spends 24 hours every seven days on their iPhone or android device. This translates to an average of three and a half hours spent on smartphones daily.

The reason there are so many mobile casino players in the UK is simple. Today’s mobile devices support all major casino games. In the past, you could only access a handful of slots on the iPhone. In 2022, nearly all video slots and table games run on cell phones. 

Another reason mobile casinos are famous in the UK is because Britain is one of the pioneers of iGaming. People have been gambling online in the country for a long time. 

What’s more, some of the best online casinos and software providers in the world are based in Britain. This means players in the nation have great access to quality casino services through their smartphones.

The US

Smartphone ownership in the US stands at 88%, according to This represents 294.15 million Americans, a significant rise compared to 2021. Although not everyone plays casino games through a smartphone, the number of mobile gamers in the country is insanely huge.

Needless to say, there’s a rise in the number of new mobile casinos for real money in the US. Many of them offer both slots and live casino games. And if you’re a new customer, they welcome you with a generous bonus.

South Africa

In South Africa, mobile is the primary way of accessing the Internet for 20 million people. That means most casino fans in the country play slots and poker through their smartphones.

For clarity, South Africa doesn’t license online casinos. If you want to play a few rounds of video poker on your Samsung phone, the best choice is to find an offshore casino site.

There are tons of gambling sites in South Africa. Some of them are based in Europe. Others have licenses from the Caribbean. That’s alright. The most important thing is to find a secure and reliable casino app.


India is home to the largest number of smartphone owners in the world: 750 million. Overall, the sub-continent has 1.2 billion cell phone owners. Many of these devices are created in the country, turning it into one of the biggest mobile device manufacturers globally.

When it comes to casino regulation, India lags behind many countries. It has mostly strict iGaming laws, meaning the best way to play mobile slots in the country is through an offshore site.

Being a gigantic economy, loads of online casinos love to target Indian players. What’s more, they have bonuses to new mobile players. It doesn’t matter the device you use.

If you live in India and want a casino bonus, you can get it. Just ensure you dig around to learn the intricate conditions that come with an offer. If you don’t like the terms, no need to grab the bonus.


What is Finland best known for? For some, Finland is the happiest country in the world. For others, this Nordic nation is a hub for mobile technology developers. Think of Nokia, Angry Birds and Clash of Clans. All these companies call Finland home. 

Nokia is the reason mobile technology has advanced so much in the country. The now Microsoft-owned company used to be the biggest developer of cell phones in the early 2000s.

Although it collapsed, Nokia left a legacy that’s still ongoing. Nearly the entire population of Finland owns a smartphone. Although most of them use their smartphones to play video games, casino gambling is a huge sector in the country.

Interestingly, there’s only one online casino in the country: Veikkaus. And it’s operated by the government. It’s pretty popular now that it has more than 700,000 subscribers.

Still, to be clear, hundreds of thousands of Finnish casino fans prefer to bet through offshore casinos. Overseas mobile casino apps offer better paying games and bigger bonuses.


With a population of more than 210 million, Brazil is a culturally-rich country. It’s an emerging economy, meaning it has a fast-growing population of middle-class citizens.

Like many emerging economies, the people who gamble online in the South American country use their smartphones. Affordability has something to do with it. But there are other reasons people tend to choose mobile devices over computers.

Take convenience as an example. You can carry your smartphone all day without feeling the extra weight. Unlike laptops, you can use cell phone data to access your casino account.

That said, Brazil doesn’t permit online casinos. This means you won’t find a gambling app licensed in the country. However, casino players in the country can bet through offshore casinos based in the Caribbean.


Canada is one of the best countries to live if you gamble online. Here’s why. The government doesn’t tax online casino profits. If you hit a million-dollar jackpot, the money is yours to keep.

Unlike the UK, Canada lets you choose between credit and debit cards. In Britain, you can’t use a credit card for gambling purposes. Another reason Canada is a great place for gamblers is that you can access a wide range of casinos and games.

Sure, Canada doesn’t license online gambling sites. But it’s been adopting progressive laws rapidly in the recent past. For example, it permitted single event betting last year. What’s more, most of its provinces run gambling sites.


When online casinos first came out, the only way you could bet was through a desktop computer. Today, some people don’t own desktop devices. Yet, they play their favorite live casino games and slots conveniently.

In South Africa, Britain, India, Brazil, Finland and the UK, the majority of casino players bet online through their smartphones. It is easy to see why: Convenience, quick Internet and mobile casino support.