AGOA: Exporting made easier for local businesses


AGOA: Exporting made easier for local businesses

Navigating the global market has become more accessible for local businesses, thanks to streamlined export opportunities.

AGOA: Exporting made easier for local businesses


A mother and daughter duo who design leather handbags and African-inspired fashion and jewelry from discarded material are bearing the fruit of their labour, with their products now seamlessly reaching clients abroad.

When Tamburai Chirume realised that she shared the same passion to design fashion with her mother, Pauline Chirume, she left her job in the banking industry to expand her mother’s business that started in 2014, ONEOFEACH. Pauline is a self-taught fashion designer. 

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Tamburai on exports convenience

“My family has always been into entrepreneurship. I learnt from them how to make my dreams a reality,” commented Tamburai .

Even though Tamburai  chose her own career path as she grew up, she never detached from her mother’s business.

 She helped her mother while studying Customer Science at Wits University. 

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“I loved my job in banking, I learned about investments and wealth. On the other hand, my mother’s business was also growing and I could see the demand was high and I wanted to put more effort and to see it succeed.

“It was not an easy decision for me to leave but I am glad that I did because the business has grown,” she added.

Her business acumen has seen ONEOFEACH, which employs seven people, expand its clientele to the international market.

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Exporting opportunities to the USA.

In 2015, the two attended a trade show hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTIC). It was at this platform that they were introduced to the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) agreement. It allows local businesses to trade with ease with customers in the USA.

AGOA agreement was established in 2000 to make a pathway between African businesses and clients, that made it difficult for customers to buy from African countries.

“South African products can compete internationally and they have potential. USA Customers love our products, it is a good opportunity to export to other countries, said Pauline.

The company recently received R200 000 grant for export enhancement from the City of Cape Town.

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ONEOFEACH, won the Youth owned export business award for 2021. The project was funded by USAID. Beyond its online store, ONEOFEACH also has a shop at the Waterfront Shed in Cape Town.  

Written by Anele Zikali for GCIS VuK’ZENZELE