PSG Wealth gives back to local

PSG Wealth gives back to local schools

PSG Wealth is giving back to their local communities in Gauteng by creating a better environment for underprivileged primary school children.

PSG Wealth gives back to local

PSG Wealth’s current programme has already seen many renovations and infrastructural improvements at Emelang Primary School in Meadowlands and Witkoppen Primary in Fourways.

PSG Wealth provides financial support, while the initiatives are driven by staff and the company’s culture committee in association with staff and representatives from the selected schools.

At Emelang Primary, the initiative has already seen PSG:

  • establish a fully fitted kitchen to better equip kitchen staff to prepare daily lunches;
  • create an on-site vegetable garden to provide fresh ingredients for the school kitchen;
  • renovation and improvement of the assembly shelter;
  • creation of a new sports field and spectator stands.

PSG Wealth has committed to providing ongoing support to Emelang primary through ongoing pest control and termite treatment projects.

The PSG Wealth CSI programme has recently also become involved with Witkoppen Primary. To date, PSG Wealth has reconstructed the existing vegetable garden and painted classroom exteriors.

The PSG Wealth culture committee, over the course of the next few months, plans to renovate and improve the following areas of the school:

  • repair and replace the floor of several of the classrooms;
  • construct an assembly area as the school currently does not have a sheltered meeting area;
  • establish a school science lab and furnish the lab with the relevant equipment, (Witkoppen primary currently does not have any science facilities);
  • construct and furnish a fully operational kitchen in order to provide the school’s kitchen staff with the capacity to extend the school’s current feeding scheme and allow them to better cater to the 900 primary school children; and
  • renovate the school ablution facilities, as the current facilities have deteriorated.

“We are privileged to be in a position to provide much-needed assistance and financial support to local schools, and we will continue to do so in a bid to make a difference to the lives of those around us,” say Marilize Lansdell, CEO of PSG Wealth.

These initiatives are in line with the overall corporate social investment programmes of PSG Konsult (of which PSG Wealth is a division). The group focuses on CSI initiatives that are centred around developmental, educational and social programmes. The aim is to contribute to the skills base and educational level of South Africans by ensuring they have access to better facilities at schools.

“Ultimately, we believe these initiatives make a small contribution to strengthening our social and economic base, putting the country on a firmer footing to deliver long-term social and economic improvement,” Lansdell continues.

Each division within the PSG Konsult group run their own CSI initiatives, as do adviser offices, aligned to the group vision. Graduate training and learnership programmes are run at a national level.