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Listen: How to save enough money to buy an island [audio]

If you have a dream you want to fund or a passion you would like to pursue, then you need to give this a listen.


Image credit: Unsplash/Airstream Inc.

Sam Beckbessinger, the author of Manage Your Money Like a Fucking Grownup, shared a ‘top secret’ tip on 702 – how to invest enough money to buy an island.

According to Beckbessinger, saving just R 2,000 a month directed at the JSE Top 40 will enable you to buy not one, but two islands throughout your lifetime.

There’s a goldmine in your garage

She said the method “involves a little tiny goldmine that’s probably sitting in your garage right at this moment.”

Beckbessinger came up with the idea when she was browsing the Internet “looking for very expensive things [she] can’t afford to buy.” We know, we’ve all been there. She explained:

“I feel that the private island is the ultimate expensive, ridiculous, dream.”

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She admits to spending quite some time on an island auction site – “It’s wonderful, I lost many many hours on it. I highly recommend wasting a good few hours on it” –  and her dream island is in the Caribbean, called Dead Man’s cove.

Arguably the best name an island could possibly have, but that’s beside the point. The island sells for only R 3m. While that sounds like a lot of money, keep in mind that this 3-bedroom cluster with a land area of just 242 m² is only R50,000 shy of R 3m.

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The listing uses cute phrases like the “design embraces much of the natural visual aesthetic that is found in ultra-modern architecture.” And, “each cluster has been meticulously designed to optimise the sense of light and space with the overlapping of functions and the freeing up of floor space.”

That’s code for it has a garden the size of a matchbox. No. For R 3m you could get an island with “an undeveloped peninsula 12 miles long with a continuous beach” for about the same price.

But how does one actually invest for an island?

Her top-secret patent message is straightforward. She explains:

“If you spend R4,000 a month on your car, […] from age 25 to age 65, you’re spending R2 m rand on your car over your lifetime. […] If instead of spending R4,000 on your car every month, you trade it in for an R2,000 a month skedonk, it’s still going to get you to work most mornings, and if you just invest the difference in a simple investment like the JSE Top 40, that R2,000 a month is likely to grow to about R6m over your working lifetime.”

You might not want an island, or might not want to wait until you’re 65 years old before you buy it, but think about all the other possibilities. Is there a dream or a passion you would like to pursue? If it costs less than R3m, chances are you can apply this same method and cash in on your dream sooner.

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