Exness surpasses industry expectations with milestone growth Image: Supplied

Exness surpasses industry expectations with milestone growth

Exness serves as a global multi-asset broker, employing a combination of technology and ethical principles to enhance trading standards.


Exness surpasses industry expectations with milestone growth Image: Supplied

Exness operates as a global multi-asset broker, utilising a distinctive blend of technology and ethics to cultivate a positive trading environment and elevate industry standards. The broker is dedicated to providing its clients with a seamless trading experience, centred on its ethos and vision.

With over 600,000 active traders in its loyal client base, this is a major factor driving the global brand’s success. Today, Exness boasts nearly $5 trillion in monthly trading volume, solidifying its position as the top online multi-asset broker globally. Today’s traders, who are highly knowledgeable and discerning, expect improved conditions and increased transparency from their brokers. Exness stands out among the current market’s small number of reputable brokers.

In fact, Exness is the largest retail broker in the world, reporting monthly trading volumes of over $4 trillion and active clients above 600,000. In this Exness review, we aim to explore the milestones and principles that were foundational to the broker’s journey.

Milestones of Exness

Exness was founded during the 2008 retail brokerage boom to give traders a new option to enter financial markets. This method was twofold: The broker implemented transparent and ethical methods, which was rare for the business. On the other hand, it developed products using advanced technology.

This merger was a hit. The broker’s global trading volumes rose from $2 billion to $4.5 trillion since 2010. The broker has offices in over 100 countries, including South Africa, Cyprus, Kenya, the UK, Curacao, and the Seychelles.

Exness’ 2400+ employees, including local leadership and talent, have the insights and skills to provide the greatest, friction-free trading experience. Regional activities like 24/7 multilingual support, local partner and client events, and participation in recognised expos strengthen the broker’s services.

Innovative technology and client-centric approach

Early on, Exness had already capitalised on technology’s potential to power its trading engine with ground-breaking innovations. The two main points of this strategy are features that offer additional security and better-than-market conditions.

Clients greatly benefit from its trading engine’s ability to analyse massive amounts of market data from various sources in order to determine the optimal price for each trade. It offers ultra-low and consistent spreads regardless of market volatility or big position sizes, and millisecond-level execution speeds.

To prevent unexpected stop-outs caused by short-lived price increases, Exness’ trading algorithms can react to market irregularities. This is a typical problem in trading, but since introducing its Stop-Out Protection feature, Exness has managed to cut erroneous stop-outs by 30%, allowing its clients to maintain their positions for longer periods of time.

The broker believes no technology can replace human interaction. Exness supports this by making every client feel appreciated. Exness’ 16-language support team ensures clients get the help they need with their trading strategy via chat, email, or phone.

Enhanced financial security and compliance

In addition to trading, Exness has transformed other facets of the trading process. Even though online payments are commonplace in the sector, Exness pioneered the first-ever capability of seamless withdrawals in many currencies.

In order to achieve this, the broker expedited the withdrawal process by using algorithms that distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent trading activity beforehand, cutting the time it takes to execute withdrawals to just a few seconds.

Exness focuses on financial security for enhanced security. It maintains compliance with several regulators and holds customer funds in segregated accounts with major banks worldwide. Many important worldwide regulatory bodies licence and regulate Exness.

In this Exness review, the true narrative of Exness’ success lies less in its record-breaking numbers and more in the fact that it paved the door for traders to have access to the financial markets in a new way. The development of trustworthy, cutting-edge products is the top priority in this specialised strategy.