Craig Rodney how to win at Instagram

(Heavy Chef / Inner City Ideas Cartel)

Industry expert Craig Rodney is here to help us all get Instagram famous

The energetic businessman is in Cape Town to get our social media poppin’!

Craig Rodney how to win at Instagram

(Heavy Chef / Inner City Ideas Cartel)

Instagram isn’t just a playground for pretty faces and insecurity-hiding filters. If you play your cards right, it can be an incredible business tool that sits right in the palm of your hand.

That’s the message that Craig Rodney is here to share with us. The self-made entrepreneur will be speaking in the Mother City on Thursday, sharing all those vital tips and tricks of the trade that could turn your Insta into income.

Just how do you “win at Instagram”?

In partnership with event organisers Heavy Chef, Rodney will deliver a four-hour seminar – titled How to Win at Instagram – which is dedicated to cracking the code of social media success.

The address will explore how Instagram works, and what you need to establish that “winning” profile. Rodney will explain how to create your brand online, as well as delving into the channels of business that are available to all social media users.

The tech guru will teach you the secret recipes of social. Whether you’re a startup trying to grow a community, or a massive organisation wanting to connect with the new generation, this workshop will give you exactly what you need to be victorious.

Who is Craig Rodney?

Rodney himself has enjoyed quite the success story, having previously been named one of South Africa’s most influential businessmen under 40 back in 2011. In fact, his timeline of achievements is something to marvel at:

  • 1997 – Majored in Economics & Marketing at WITS.
  • 1998 – BecameMarketing Manager at a technology startup, Obsidian.
  • 2002 – Founded Emerging Media, technology communications.
  • 2004 – Co-founded Maverick Publishing.
  • 2004 – Managed global launch of Shuttleworth’s Ubuntu Linux.
  • 2008 – Launched Google into South Africa.
  • 2008 – Became a shareholder in podcasting company, Split Infinitive.
  • 2010 – Completed Merger with Cerebra, social media leaders.

Tickets for Craig Rodney in Cape Town

If you’re interested in attending Rodney’s seminar, you can book your tickets here. He will be delivering How to Win at Instagram on 113 Loop Street, Cape Town CBD. Tickets will cost R1 480 per person, and the event takes place from 9:00 on Thursday 28 June. Be there, or let your Instagram remain square.