juicy 7

Juicy 7 brings the classic back to the online casino era: Image: Supplied

Juicy 7 brings the classic back to the online casino era

Juicy 7 is classic and simple. This slot game will bring the players some nostalgic feeling, and not only that, a huge payout if you’re lucky!

juicy 7

Juicy 7 brings the classic back to the online casino era: Image: Supplied

In today’s modern world, slots and gambling have transitioned into an online casino society. The industry of slot games is bursting with options for various themes. But, amid all these choices, Juicy 7 stands out with its classic style and simple yet fun gameplay, especially for those who prefer uncomplicated graphics.

Nostalgic gaming experience

There are many slot machines, but classic 777 slots are still the most popular. They’re easy to play and offer big payouts. OneTouch, a new developer focused on mobile slots, recreated the classic slots by introducing juicy 7, which brings a fresh twist to the fruity fun for mobile and tablet gaming.

Get ready for some nostalgia when you play Juicy 7. This authentic retro game can take you back to the days of old-fashioned mechanical slot machines, complete with all the classic symbols you’d expect. Also, nostalgic players will love the smooth soundtrack, making Juicy 7 a top-notch example of old slots for the modern era!

You’ll either love or hate this old-school game because Juicy 7 may seem plain on the surface, but there’s an exciting diamond feature waiting once you start spinning. 


Juicy 7 features a common 3×3 grid layout like a classic slot. Even with an exciting modern twist, the game is easy to handle without a bunch of confusing reels. To win, players only need to get three matching symbols on a payline. 

It stands out from other classic slots because it boasts three reels and an impressive 27 pay lines. Meaning, this gives you more opportunities for winning combinations as long as the symbols are neighboring.

How to play

Playing Juicy 7 for the first time? No need to worry, all you need to do is hit the Spin button. Although, there are some extra settings to customize your gameplay to your liking.

  1. Keep things in check while your spins load by setting a session budget.
  2. All your game controls are on the right around the Spin button. Tap ‘i’ in the top left to see the Paytable.
  3. Over in the top-right corner, the gear settings let you mute sounds, speed up spins with Turbo mode, and check your game history.
  4. At the bottom left, click the Coins icon to access the Bet menu. Adjust your Bet Size and Coin Value with the + and – buttons, and your Total Bet is right up top.
  5. Ready to play Juicy 7? Hit the Spin button, or use Autospins on the bottom left to play between 10 and 100 games with Single Win and Loss limits.

Diamond features

Juicy 7 is a traditional fruit slot game, so you won’t find the extraordinary bonus features that many modern slots offer. However, this game has a Diamond scatter that can lead to bigger wins for players.

Diamonds can land anywhere on the reels and offer a multiplier win. To activate the feature, players need to land at least one on each reel, combining the random values on each Diamond. Getting nine Diamonds grants you the maximum win with multipliers reaching up to 800x your total bet.

Amidst the countless choices for modern and sophisticated online slot games, Juicy 7 is here to give you that nostalgic feeling. The combination of authentic retro graphics with classic symbols, blended with a modern touch, really makes Juicy 7 an enjoyable game to play.

Juicy 7 isn’t just simple in appearance, but it’s also a fun game to play. Even new players will quickly get the hang of the game since all you need to do is press the Spin button. Plus, you can still win big with a sweet 800x payout of your total bet. If you’re feeling lucky, you should try the Juicy 7 today!

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