South Africa

Evolution and Betway set new standards in South African gambling: Image: Pexels

Evolution and Betway set new standards in South African gambling

In February, Betway XXXtreme Lightning Roulette’s launch stirred South Africa’s online gambling scene, courtesy of Evolution and Betway

South Africa

Evolution and Betway set new standards in South African gambling: Image: Pexels

This February, the excitement in South Africa was centred on more than just a new game entering the market. It was about bringing a live, interactive casino experience to the homes of players across the country. Streaming directly from Evolution’s newly minted studio, Betway XXXtreme Lightning Roulette promises to be a game-changer.


Betway XXXtreme Lightning Roulette isn’t your standard roulette. Here, traditional roulette meets electrifying opportunities with Chain Lightning and double-strike multipliers. 

When you make a Straight bet, the game might select your number as a Lightning or Chain Lightning Number, which increases potential payouts up to 500x initially. If the Double Strike feature activates, these multipliers can soar up to 2000x.

This game appeals to South African gamblers looking for something different from the standard roulette experience. The high-tech studio setting adds to the immersive experience and transforms each session into an event rather than just a game. For players in South Africa, where online gambling is rapidly expanding, XXXtreme Lightning Roulette represents the cutting edge of live casino technology.


The enthusiasm from Evolution’s Dean Finder and Betway’s Hailee Cook for the February launch speaks volumes. They see the introduction of live casino offerings as just the beginning of a transformative era for online gambling in South Africa.

Players can experience the casino atmosphere with live dealer games while enjoying the convenience of online play. You can watch the roulette wheel spin in real time, cards being dealt on the table, and have a real person congratulate you on your wins. This personal touch, combined with the immediacy of action, has made these games a hit worldwide, and now, South Africans are getting in on the action.

Moreover, thanks to the introduction of 5G technology and strong internet connections, players can now enjoy smoother and more responsive live casino sessions that make each game feel like they’re right on the casino floor.

Following the success of the roulette launch, Betway didn’t stop there. It introduced a whole new studio and expanded its offerings to include variations of a beloved casino game: Blackjack, VIP Blackjack, and Infinite Blackjack. As a result, people who enjoy card games as well as roulette were drawn in.


The growing interest in online gambling identifies South Africa as a promising market for the industry. The introduction of engaging and interactive games such as Betway XXXtreme Lightning Roulette and its blackjack counterparts has hit a sweet spot. This trend toward online gambling, fueled by technological advancements and increased internet access, is making the immersive casino experience more accessible to a growing audience.

The success of these games indicates that the future of gambling in South Africa is bright and full of potential. As demand for immersive and interactive gaming grows, so will the offerings in the live dealer space. South Africa is steadily making its mark on the global online gambling scene, with a future that promises even more innovation, engagement, and a more enjoyable gambling experience for all.