Burger Beef: What burgers cost at THESE SA Stores

What’s your fave South African burger, and how deep do you have to dig into your pockets to afford one? Here’s what BURGERS cost at these stores!


What’s your fave South African burger, and how deep do you have to dig into your pockets to afford one? The South African had a closer look at the price of beef and cheeseburgers at some of the country’s leading stores.

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Here’s what we found during our burger beef price comparison.

KFC: Snack & Crunch

KFC has two varieties on their menu at the budget price range.

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First, there’s the Snack for R24.90. The second up on their menu is the Crunch, which sells for R29.90.

It’s worth pointing out that this is the only option on the list that counts as chicken, not beef. It’s still one of the country’s favourite burgers, and we had to include it here!

Steers: Steers

Steers is a franchise that’s known well for their ‘flame-grilled’ chicken and meat foods.

According to the Steers Menu, their standard Steers-beef option (with no drinks or sides) will cost you R19.90.

Tiago’s: Jumbo Beef Burger

Tiago’s Flame Grilled Chicken has several meal options, though it took some more digging through the menu to find this item.

The cheapest option here is the Jumbo Beef Burger for R62.90.

McDonalds: Beef Burger

McDonald’s South Africa has the cheeseburger on its menu, and it’s one of the most popular items you can pick.

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The standard beef variety comes with a cheese slice and the famous pickle, and it’s going to cost you R33.30 at last check.

Burger King: Beef Burger King Value

The Burger King franchise is famous for their cheeseburgers, and we had to visit the King Value menu to find something that matches the rest of what SA has available.

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According to the King Value menu, the most affordable option here is their beef burger.

Beef from Burger King will cost R39.90, with no drinks or sides.