OR Tambo tourist UK 2

Photo: Yusuf Abramjee / Twitter

Watch: Elderly British tourist robbed at gunpoint by OR Tambo thieves

Thugs have targeted a tourist from the UK, after tailing him from OR Tambo to his hotel in Johannesburg. Around R100 000 of goods were stolen.

OR Tambo tourist UK 2

Photo: Yusuf Abramjee / Twitter

The criminals who prey on travellers coming through OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg struck again over the weekend. A British tourist, aged 69, had all of his goods and luggage robbed just moments after arriving at his luxury accommodation in Morningside, Johannesburg.

It’s estimated that around R100 000 worth of belongings were taken by the brazen thieves, who darted off into the night once they secured the loot. Police are investigating the matter – which occurred just after 19:30 on Sunday – but no arrests have been made yet.

OR Tambo: Another tourist followed and robbed

In the video, we see the taxi pull into the driveway of Falstaff Boutique Hotel in Morningside. The gates open to let the car in, and that’s when the criminals strike. Two of them approach the passenger and driver side doors, whereas a third crook targets the boot of the car. They can be seen brandishing guns towards their victims, who are left shaken by their ordeal.

A getaway driver was on hand to whisk the armed robbers away from the scene. It took the group less than a minute to execute their dastardly plan, which may have ended in a fatal manner had the British tourist and his taxi driver not been so calm during the incident.

OR Tambo’s problem with property theft

Gangs are now identifying travellers who are leaving OR Tambo and following the vehicles to their destinations. Once the unsuspecting victims come to their final resting point, the robbers strike.

In 2017, a group of tourists were forced to hand over R27 000 worth of currency and possessions to a group of thieves, as they made their way from OR Tambo to their hotel in Johannesburg. This came just six weeks after a group of 35 Dutch visitors were held at gunpoint by another armed gang. Wealthy business figures and domestic commuters have been subjected to this abhorrent treatment, too.

Watch the British tourist get robbed in Johannesburg here: