Woolworths stops selling one product from Israel.

Woolworths stops selling one product from Israel. Image: iStock

Woolworths stops SELLING one product from Israel

Woolworths proactively suspended sales of the sole Israeli-imported product on their shelves, prioritising safety in response to threats.

Woolworths stops selling one product from Israel.

Woolworths stops selling one product from Israel. Image: iStock

In the midst of escalating tensions and misinformation surrounding Woolworths’ alleged support for an Israeli boycott, the retail giant is setting the record straight.

Contrary to media claims, Woolworths asserts that it neither endorses nor opposes any political stance, maintaining a neutral position in the polarised landscape.

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Amidst global unrest and a surge in intolerance, Woolworths emphasizes its commitment to unity and refuses to contribute to divisiveness.

The company acknowledges the distressing events witnessed worldwide. Emphasising its dedication to bringing people together rather than adding fuel to the fire of conflict.

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Woolworths suspends one product imported from Israel

The recent suspension of a product imported from Israel, the only such item on Woolworths’ shelves, is explained as a precautionary measure.

Citing credible threats received, Woolworths prioritises the safety and well-being of its employees and customers.

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“Given the significant and credible threats we have received, and in order to do our best to safeguard our employees and customers, we took the decision to pre-emptively suspend the sale of the one product we had on our shelves that was imported from Israel,” read the statement.

The company states that this is not a political statement

This decision, the company states, is not a political statement. It is rather a response to safeguard those associated with the brand.

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The retail company reassures the public that its actions are guided by a commitment to doing what is right for employees, customers, and society.

Navigating through challenging times, the company affirms its dedication to responsible corporate practices. Emphasizing the paramount importance of safety and well-being in these uncertain times.