clarence ford heart fm

Clarence Ford joins CapeTalk. Photo: File / Clarence Ford / Facebook

Clarence Ford ‘fired’ by Heart FM: Iconic radio host sets the record straight

Heart FM listeners, Clarence Ford has left the building. And, rather unfortunately, he’s done so under an enormous cloud of darkness.

clarence ford heart fm

Clarence Ford joins CapeTalk. Photo: File / Clarence Ford / Facebook

The radio enthusiasts of Cape Town have been left with a massive void to fill on Monday, after the local legend revealed he’d been fired from a position he was set to relinquish in February 2022. Clarence Ford, who has blown the whistle on an alleged ‘bullying culture’ at Heart FM, seems to have paid the ultimate price.

Who is Heart FM DJ Clarence Ford?

The beloved Ford has clashed with management staff time and time again in the past few months, accusing those higher up the ladder of abusing their power. These allegations have been denied by Heart FM’s head of radio innovation, Denver Apollus, who says there is ‘no truth’ to the popular host’s claims.

Clarence Ford has been on the airwaves for 24 years, becoming a trusted and comforting voice for thousands of Capetonians. However, his exit from Heart FM has been sullied by this bitter conflict. The host of the afternoon show, which runs from 12:00 to 15:00 in the week, says he was fired ‘en-route to work’ today.

Why has Clarence Ford been fired?

Cape Town locals may not hear from Ford for a little while now, and he says it is time to pursue ‘other projects’ outside of radio. Indeed, this truly is the end of a very successful era, for both the presenter and Heart FM.

On Monday afternoon, Clarence Ford posted a quick update on his Facebook page, to set the record straight. The smooth-talking disc jockey says he was ‘deluded’ in thinking he’d get a show to say goodbye, but still thanked the public for all the support he’d received over the years. Sadly, this particular chapter has now come to a close.

His social media-shared statement reads as follows:

“I was deluded to think that I would be granted an opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for the love and thank you for the journey. I am out and at peace! I hope I have made a contribution to the kind of work environment that everyone deserves. We made memories together. Thank You for allowing me a place in your life!”

Clarence Ford on Facebook