Jacob Zuma Carl Niehaus arrest

Photo: Twitter / Carl Niehaus

Just in: Carl Niehaus SUSPENDED by ANC for ‘inflammatory speech’

The ANC is done with Carl Niehaus: He was officially suspended on Wednesday, following a series of ‘unacceptable remarks’ has made this week.

Jacob Zuma Carl Niehaus arrest

Photo: Twitter / Carl Niehaus

ANC rogue Carl Niehaus has finally pushed his comrades too far. Heavily involved in the now-disbanded MKMVA wing of the party, the Zuma ally spent the best part of the last week kicking a hornet’s nest outside of Nkandla – leading illegal gatherings outside of the former president’s home. His behaviour, however, has now got him suspended from the party.

Carl Niehaus suspended by the ANC – here’s why…

In a letter issued to Niehaus, the ANC NEC made it clear that he was guilty of ‘bringing the party into disrepute’ thanks to his alleged inflammatory speech, addressed to thousands of supporters. On Tuesday, Jessie Duarte compared his language to ‘words used by terrorists’, after the 61-year-old called for loyalists to form a human shield around Msholozi.

“The NEC has noted with concern your inflammatory speeches made outside of Nkandla this week. They were broadcast on live TV, and have brought the ANC into disrepute. We have resolved that this conduct was a contravention of the party’s Constitution, and warrants disciplinary action. The NEC has also decided to temporarily suspend you from the ANC”

“It is reasonable to believe that you will continue with your acts of misconduct and cause further damage to the name and reputation of the ANC. The suspension comes into effect immediately, and justified the removal of a 48-hour period for you to respond to the allegations. You can, however, appeal against this decision.”

Carl Niehaus responds to ANC NEC decision

Usually bombastic in his retorts, Carl Niehaus posted a rather timid reply to the suspension on his Twitter page. A brief statement confirmed his intention to challenge the ruling, and he branded himself a ‘dedicated liberation fighter’.

Suspended! ‘Inflammatory language’ flagged by ANC

Earlier in the day, Niehaus had defended his use of the term ‘human shield’ and rejected any terrorist connotations associated with it. The RET enthusiast argues that there is a more peaceful meaning behind these words. However, his Tweets did nothing to alter the NEC’s final decision, as they ignored Carl’s last-ditch attempt to explain himself.

“The description of a ‘human shield’ as a ‘terrorist phrase’ is totally wrong. The use of human shields was popularized by Mahatma Gandhi as a weapon of peace. In SA our people often used human shields to peacefully resist, and protect leaders against apartheid security forces aggression.”