Mayor chain

A stock image of a gold chain, featuring the clasp – Photo: Flickr / Bruce Gates

ANC Mayor BLASTED for spending R70k of taxpayer cash on ‘new chain’

No cost of living crisis when you live off the taxpayer, is there? An ANC Mayor in Limpopo kay soon regret this lavish purchase.

Mayor chain

A stock image of a gold chain, featuring the clasp – Photo: Flickr / Bruce Gates

You could fund more than 200 x R350 grants for a month with this much money. However, Capricorn Mayor Mamedupi Teffo decided to use R70 000 of public funds for a very different purpose. He brought a brand new mayoral chain last year, and stuck it on the taxpayer’s bill.

What cost of living crisis? ANC Mayor spends R70 000 on new chain

That’s according to local branches of the DA, who believe there is an illegal element running through this purchase. Not only is spending on such a luxury item during a cost of living crisis frowned upon, but it transpires that the purchase may have broken government regulations.

Mayor Teffo, an ANC representative operating in Limpopo, could soon be subjected to an investigation from the municipal manager. The public official is also accused of LOSING the previous mayoral chain, and the decision to part with cash in such a ‘wasteful’ fashion has upset the DA.

Mayor chain
The gold mayoral chains are usually thick, heavy, and emblazoned with local insignia – Photo: Flickr

DA clash with ‘lavish spenders’ in Limpopo district

Androe Botha is a party councillor in the Finance Portfolio. He sounded the alarm on Monday, asking how Teffo and his colleagues could justify this ‘lavish expense’. It’s alleged that money was siphoned from the communications’ budget to cover the cost of his new chain.

Nice to see the taxes paid in Limpopo are being put to good use, then…

“The DA will write to the Acting Municipal Manager and demand reasons for the purchase of a lavish new mayoral chain for Executive Mayor Mamedupi Teffo. He was already donning the new finery as far back as 26 November 2021.”

“However, the Capricorn District Municipality only paid the R70 716 for it seven months later. It was fully paid for at the end of June 2022 from the communications’ budget, despite MFMA regulations that payments of money due by a municipality must be paid within 30 days.”

“The DA will monitor any wasteful spending and push for it to be curtailed so that tax payer money rightfully  goes towards service delivery, not unnecessary luxuries. Lavish expenses cannot continue unabated.”

Androe Botha