Disney+ south africa

Photo: Disney+

Great news! Disney+ set to launch in South Africa THIS WINTER

That’ll do nicely: Disney+ is bringing its incredible streaming service to South Africa later this year – but what might it cost us?

Disney+ south africa

Photo: Disney+

The popular streaming platform Disney+ is set to make its bow in South Africa later in 2022 – much to the delight of avid TV watchers. The launch is expected to take place in winter, and could happen as early as June.

When is Disney+ launching in South Africa?

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Disney+ revealed that it would be expanding its operations to 41 new countries. South Africa made the list, alongside the North African countries of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya.

Disney+ in South Africa: How much will it cost?

The streaming service is home to all the Star Wars and Marvel films/series, as well as content from the National Geographic channel and Pixar. The rich tapestry of entertainment makes Disney+ one of the most coveted online packages out there, posing a serious challenge to the behemoths of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

So, how much will it cost us to subscribe? Well, comparatively speaking, other countries are charging R170 a month for the service. That’s still cheaper than most DStv bouquets, and about on par with what you’d pay for a Netflix account.

South Africans ‘excited’ by streaming development

There’s also an option to pay for a whole year up front – costing about R1 700, and getting yourself 12 months of entertainment for the price of 10, with a 15% discount. However, prices could be even lower in South Africa – but the final decision rests with Disney+ and the SA regulators.

Nonetheless, it looks like we’ve got a very cosy winter coming up…