Whatsapp new features

Meta’s WhatsApp has made a number of changes to the app. Image:Pixabay

MUST READ: Whatsapp introduces these NEW features

Are these new features on your phone already? Whatsapp, has introduced some new tools for its 2 billion users across the world

Whatsapp new features

Meta’s WhatsApp has made a number of changes to the app. Image:Pixabay

Meta has seemingly been hard at work as it is set to introduce some cool new features to Whatsapp. The messenger app, which boasts a whopping 2 billion users around the world, has become the preferred method of textual communication amongst cellphone users.

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If you’ve ever wanted to share your screen with someone on a Whatsapp call, then you’ll absolutely love this new feature – Whatsapp is upgrading its video call feature to do just that. This feature will be comparable to Apple‘s FaceTime.

According to Meta, the new feature is aimed at making things like sharing documents and browsing photos with family much easier for Whatsapp users. All you would need to do is click on the ‘Share’ icon when on the video call and choose between sharing a specific application or the whole screen.

In addition, Whatsapp users will also be allowed to enjoy video call in landscape mode. If you’ve got the latest version of Whatsapp, then you’re probably able to enjoy this feature. If not, you may have to wait before the change is implemented on all devices.

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Another new feature Whatsapp users can look forward to (or not) has to do with receiving and making voice calls. Whatsapp voice calls have completely revolutionalised how we communicate over the phone as all one needs is data or a good wifi connection to make one.

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Meta, owned by billionaire tech mogul Mark Zuckerberg, is reportedly working on a feature that will allow users to schedule Whatsapp voice calls. Members of the call would be sent an alert reminding them of the voice call just 15 minutes before. The feature isn’t on most people’s phones just yet as Whatsapp says it is still testing it with its early beta testers.

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