Jacob Zuma correctional services

Photo by Emmanuel Croset / AFP

LOOK: Welcome to Estcourt Prison – Jacob Zuma’s new home! [pics]

Good luck finding a firepool, here. Jacob Zuma is now off to spend his days in the recently revamped Estcourt Prison – here’s what it looks like.

Jacob Zuma correctional services

Photo by Emmanuel Croset / AFP

On Thursday morning, Jacob Zuma will be waking in some very different surroundings. He’s swapped the plush vistas offered by Nkandla for the dreary cell block walls of Estcourt Prison – where he could stay for another 15 months.

What prison is Jacob Zuma in?

On a night of unfurling tensions, Zuma eventually gave up the ghost and handed himself over to the police. He does have two court appeals to try and rescind his jail sentence, but the prospects of success seem limited. For the meantime, the 79-year-old will have to roughhouse it in this recently refurbished slammer.

Over 500 inmates can fit in Estcourt Prison, which also features a hospital section, training centre, maintenance workshop, logistics, and other support structures. Zuma was initially meant to go to Westville Correctional Centre, but that venue has now changed – something that Msholozi may be reasonably grateful for.

Photo: GovernmentZA / Twitter

Estcourt Prison: It’s no Nkandla, but has all the mod-cons…

The residential facilities have actually been described as ‘state of the art’, and after a R387 million upgrade was completed back in 2019, this may be one of the better facilities that Zuma could have ended up in.

Photo: Twitter

How long will Jacob Zuma stay in jail for?

Attention now turns to what the next few days and weeks will bring. Aside from pending legal challenges to his jail term, Jacob Zuma has made it very clear that his alleged ‘ill-health’ could be a death sentence for him. Msholozi has previously missed important court dates and public engagements due to unspecified medical conditions.

The FF Plus suspect that Mr. Zuma will indeed lean on his illnesses, to make his stay in prison more comfortable:

“He has clearly realised that he no longer has any political power and his initial bravado was just a smokescreen. The question on everyone’s mind is whether he is going to serve his time in an ordinary prison, like all other ordinary criminals, or whether he will use his medical conditions as an excuse to be held in a hospital.”

“The fact that Zuma has turned himself in is a victory for South Africa’s police force and judicial system. It, however, does not mean that those who violated the Covid-19 regulations with their mass gathering at Nkandla may get off scot-free. The organisers of the gathering must still be arrested and prosecuted.”