Bheki Cele crime stats

Lights, camera, Cele: Inside Bheki Cele’s obsession with the spotlight

‘Nobody moves after midnight’: Bheki Cele on New Year curfew rules

No gqom, no singing, and no getting drunk after midnight – that’s the stance Bheki Cele is taking, ahead of a curfew-limited New Year’s Eve.

Bheki Cele crime stats

Lights, camera, Cele: Inside Bheki Cele’s obsession with the spotlight

Is there a bigger pantomime villain than Bheki Cele? The police minister has made some pretty coarse comments in the past few days, warning that those who break curfew rules to ring in the New Year will be severely punished. However, not everyone is listening to the senior ANC member.

What are the curfew rules for New Year’s Eve?

That’s because the calls to end the curfew, in place between 00:00 to 4:00 every night, are growing louder. John Steenhuisen of the DA has made an impassioned plea to the government, asking them to reconsider their ‘unjustifiable’ policy.

Steenhuisen and his colleagues want the four-hour shutdown scrapped before the New Year, allowing friends and family to celebrate without fear of breaking the law on Friday 31 December.

“The DA has never supported the curfew, as we have never found it to be a rational or justifiable denial of freedom. But now more than ever, we believe it should be lifted once and for all, and before New Year’s Eve.”

“People should be able to legally come together with friends and family to celebrate the start of 2022 and the end of an incredibly tough 2021. Most people aren’t observing curfew anyway.”

John Steenhuisen

Bheki Cele promises ‘long weekend behind bars’ for lawbreakers

However, in Bheki Cele, the DA leader faces a tough nut to crack, The top cop has been one of the more prominent enforcers of lockdown laws, and his aversion to alcohol has been well documented. Needless to say, he remained true to form earlier this week.

When asked about curfew laws for New Year’s Eve, Cele made it abundantly clear that the police will come down hard on anyone found to be breaking the rules – saying that ‘nobody should move’ after midnight. Talk about a party pooper, hey?

“There is no gqom after midnight. When you go around and hear noise, gqom, and people singing, you get there and remind them the time has come to close down those things. The law says nobody moves, nobody drinks, nobody gets drunk after midnight.”

“I’m told they still run parties along the beach. We’ll be walking together, we’ll go and check them there. The weekend is going to be very long. If we catch you on Friday, we’ll see you next Wednesday.”

Bheki Cele