cape town water supply camps bay

Parts of Cape Town will experience water supply interruptions. Image: iStock.

Water crisis hits Tshwane as reservoirs face depletion

Tshwane faces an imminent water crisis with reservoir levels dangerously low due to high consumption and scorching temperatures.

cape town water supply camps bay

Parts of Cape Town will experience water supply interruptions. Image: iStock.

The City of Tshwane is grappling with a severe water storage crisis, exacerbated by surging temperatures and excessive water consumption.

The strain on the city’s reservoir system has reached alarming levels, prompting urgent calls for conservation.

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The impact of the heatwave

The scorching heatwave sweeping across Tshwane has driven residents to intensify their water usage. Pushing reservoir levels to a precarious low. The city is now urging all inhabitants to adopt water-saving measures to avert a potential catastrophe.

“In light of this, the City pleads with all Tshwane residents to use water sparingly and take practical measures aimed at preventing the total depletion of water in its reservoirs,” said the City of Tshwane.

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The City acknowledges the necessity of increased water usage during the heatwave for essential needs such as personal hygiene and hydration.

However, a plea has been issued for residents to implement water-saving practices in their daily lives to alleviate stress on the reservoir system.

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If the current trend persists, the looming threat of water shortages becomes imminent, jeopardising the water supply to thousands of residents. The gravity of the situation necessitates immediate action from both the City and its residents.

Tshwane residents urged to contribute to water conservation efforts

To address the crisis, the City of Tshwane proposes a series of practical steps for residents to contribute to water conservation efforts. These include restrictions on watering gardens, washing cars, and cleaning driveways during peak hours.

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Additionally, residents are encouraged to flush toilets only when necessary. Also to promptly fix any water leaks to minimise wastage.

Residents are also reminded not to fill swimming pools from the municipal water supply. Unless fitted with a cover to prevent evaporation. The collective adoption of these measures is seen as pivotal in safeguarding the city’s reservoir system.