Westmead kzn hijackers 56

Photo: Twitter

Watch | Gone in 20 seconds: KZN hijackers strike in broad daylight

It didn’t take these hijackers long to make their getaway – and footage from Westmead, KZN shows just how swiftly these crooks operate.

Westmead kzn hijackers 56

Photo: Twitter

It doesn’t get any more brazen than this: A group of hijackers operating in Westmead, KZN showed their criminal credentials this week, after they conducted a swift robbery of a vehicle within 20 seconds – and the whole incident was caught on camera.

Hijackers strike in KZN

In the very brief clip, we can see one of the hijackers leading the act, as he marches the driver away from his vehicle. Another crook gets behind the wheel and begins to pull the car away, ensuring the victim cannot respond.

The van was taken from the main road in Westmead, as traffic behind the carjacked motor was left dumbfounded. These hijackers then merged with the traffic and drove off to another destination – leaving their target stranded by the roadside.

Clad in protective face masks, these thugs use the COVID-19 restrictions to their advantage, as their faces remain concealed. The driver, meanwhile, has been praised for defusing the situation, after he prevented any further escalation.

Watch: Daylight robbery in Westmead carjacking

Hijackers ‘continue to threaten SA motorists’

In the most recent quarter, the crime stats for South Africa revealed that hijacking incidents have increased. Lockdown regulations haven’t stopped criminals from operating, and in some cases, they have actually emboldened lawbreakers.

The following details have been confirmed about the incident featured in this article:

  • The exchange happened just after midday on Friday 3 September.
  • A white Toyota Hilux was stolen by multiple hijackers.
  • The vehicle was taken outside of the Hillclimb Cafe, a popular social spot in Westmead (near Pinetown, KZN).
  • No injuries or fatalities were reported in this incident.
  • Police are still hunting for the suspects.