In the footage, a man can be seen fending off five attackers – Photo: Twitter

WATCH: Middle-aged man fights off THREE thugs in Klerksdorp

John Wick, is that you? A civilian in Klerksdorp managed to scare away three attackers, after they picked the wrong man to mess with.


In the footage, a man can be seen fending off five attackers – Photo: Twitter

An unassuming Klerksdorp man has gone viral on Wednesday, after he stood his ground against three potential assailants in North West. Various clips have emerged online, showing how the middle-aged civilian managed to fend off the thugs who had targeted him.

Middle-aged ‘John Wick’ fights off advancing criminals

The footage is scarcely-believable. Not only because of this incredible act of defiance, but for the fact that these crooks felt so emboldened to carry out an offence in broad daylight. Even when they back away from their would-be victim, the trio simply walk away unbothered.

It’s a sorry state of affairs, but for some people in South Africa, this is reality. Social media users are, however, in awe of this have-a-go hero. In the video uploaded earlier today, the man is backed against a vehicle, totally outnumbered and seemingly in for a rough ride.

However, his flight or fight instinct kicks in: By using the knife he had concealed upon his person, the civilian lunges at two of the criminals, ensuring that the third keeps his distance. He performs one particularly brilliant manoeuvre, by repelling an attacker with a car door.

Watch: Klerksdorp man foils attackers

With no help forthcoming, Klerksdorp’s unwitting crime-fighter advances again on the pair who didn’t get the message the first time. After another swing of the blade, they retreat for good, and our man of the moment lives to fight another day. You can see the clips here:

  • There’s also a slightly more refined version doing the rounds…

Klerksdorp footage: SA citizens lament crime levels

As incredible as this exhibition in self-defence was, the sad truth is that it really should never come to something like this. South Africa’s high crime rates are a blight upon the country, and had this person not reacted like he was John Wick, we’d have another grim statistic on our hands.

Some reports reaching us suggest this was a failed hijacking, but the exact intentions of these attackers have not yet been established. Nonetheless, whoever the Klerksdorp vigilante is, he deserves the biggest Bell’s going this evening.