Joburg school brawl

Several pupils at a Johannesburg school got into a fierce classroom fight this week – Photo: Twitter

WATCH: Anarchy in class! Pupil jumps on teacher during Joburg school brawl

Fists went flying during this Joburg school brawl – and one unfortunate teacher found himself right in the eye of a storm.

Joburg school brawl

Several pupils at a Johannesburg school got into a fierce classroom fight this week – Photo: Twitter

There was chaos and carnage in during this Joburg school brawl earlier in the week, and the shocking behaviour of pupils in this classroom – allegedly situated near Krugersdorp – was caught on camera.

Joburg school brawl SHOCKS South Africans

The footage has now gone viral, and then some. Just under half-a-million people have watched the eventful 12-second clip so far, and it was only uploaded online on Wednesday evening. This video has spread like wildfire, and although details about the brawl remain sketchy, everything we’ve seen so far is jaw-dropping.

The video starts with several school boys squaring up to each other, before one throws a punch. A volley of fists are then exchanged, as some of the kids fall to the floor and crash through tables. The argy-bargy contains plenty of pushing and shoving, but just as the clash starts to disperse, the actions of another learner take centre-stage.

Watch: Pupil jumps on his teacher’s back, as other classmates throw hands

One of the young men involved decided to JUMP on the back of his elderly teacher, pointing towards the action and resisting the educator’s attempts to get him down. A number of children can be heard cackling, as the distressed adult in the room struggles to retain control of his class.

In the teacher’s defence, it would appear there was simply no controlling this lot…

Joburg school brawl: What happens now?

We are awaiting official statements from both the school in question, and the provincial education department. These unruly scenes leave a sour taste in the mouth, and a swift course of discipline is likely to follow for all of those involved.

Although not best pleased with the incident, we understand that the teacher used as a climbing frame by one of the teenagers wasn’t hurt amid the classroom anarchy. We’re also still trying to work out how the kid eating a lollipop took a punch to the face, and still managed to keep the stick in his mouth.

Alas, any other questions are now best left to the relevant School Governing Body…