Granny evicted

The 110-year-old was filmed shuffling out of her home on Wednesday – Photo: Twitter

WATCH: 110-year-old granny EVICTED from her Gauteng home

It’s all so cruel. A granny, aged 110, was evicted from her home this week – amid a debate about the legitimacy of the buyer’s paperwork.

Granny evicted

The 110-year-old was filmed shuffling out of her home on Wednesday – Photo: Twitter

Bloody hell, this is heartless. One of the oldest women in the country has been forced to leave her home in Meadowlands, Gauteng, after she was evicted from the property on Wednesday. The incident has sent shockwaves across social media.

Woman, aged 110, kicked out of Gauteng home

The evicted Kenaope Mosidi, who needs a Zimmer Frame to walk and has extremely limited mobility, was an occupant at the house – alongside some of her grandchildren. However, a dispute about who owns the property has been brewing over the past few months.

A man called Joel Moalusi (who appears in a red t-shirt) has contested that he bought the house, through entirely legitimate means, after agreeing a fee of R350 000 with one of the granddaughters. However, this claim is hotly disputed – not least by the EFF’s Joburg Branch.

Kenaope Mosidi was given her marching orders earlier this week, after she was told the house she’s currently living in was purchased by someone else – Photo: Twitter

WATCH: Granny evicted from family home

Officials representing the Red Berets state that the house was sold ‘fraudulently’. They argue that ‘criminal syndicates’ are responsible for these dubious deals. Nonetheless, Moalusi remains steadfast in his convictions, and he is adamant that he negotiated a deal in good faith.

Evicted and gone: Controversial house sale in Gauteng

Accusations aside, many commenters online have asked questions about the status of the title deeds. Suspicions have also been raised about the relative who accepted the six-figure payment. Ultimately, with an eviction notice to hand, the buyer believes he has done nothing wrong.

Whatever the situation, there is nothing more sad than the sight of a woman well into her hundreds, shuffling out of the place she has called home for DECADES, because she has been evicted. The fact a more amicable solution could not be agreed is also heart-breaking.