Cubana Johannesburg

The Cubana in Southgate was targeted over the weekend – Photo: Twitter

Watch: Armed robbers STORM Cubana bar in Johannesburg

Patrons at a Cubana bar in Southgate, Johannesburg were forced to duck for cover this weekend, as gun-toting robbers raided the venue.

Cubana Johannesburg

The Cubana in Southgate was targeted over the weekend – Photo: Twitter

This is the last thing you expect to see at the grove, and yet, here we are: A group of armed robbers hit-up the Southgate branch of Cubana in southern Johannesburg this weekend – and the chaos was partially caught on camera.

Cubana bar hit-up by armed robbers in Johannesburg

Nkosinathi Shazi, well-known journalist and social media presence, happened to be in the vicinity. The robbers can be seen in the distance, harassing customers who have dropped to the ground for cover.

Screams can be heard from panicked patrons. Everyone featured in the brief video clip appears to comply with the gun-wielding crooks. Indeed, the biggest act of defiance may well have been the recording of the incident itself.

Watch: Southgate Cubana targeted by thieves

According to witnesses, the robbers demanded cell phones, car keys, and money. They held the joint up at gunpoint, with at least FIVE suspects involved in this criminal act. Shazi has branded the experience as a traumatic one…

Safer than America? Journalist’s comments spark backlash

In a bizarre twist of events, this isn’t the first time Nkosinathi Shazi has gone viral this week. His comments on gun violence in the US were not well received, after he stated that South Africa was ‘a safer place’ than the States.

Shazi was Tweeting in response to the tragic Texas school shooting, in which more than 20 children and teaching staff lost their lives. The killing spree has reignited the fractious debate about gun control in America – but arguing that SA is in the clear appears to be a step too far for most: