National Shutdown unions

SAFTU protesters line the streets of Mzansi – Photo: Mikaela Nhondo / Twitter

‘It will be WAR’: Unions prepare for biggest-ever National Shutdown

Unions are threatening to go all-out when they next take to the streets in protest – and another National Shutdown is looming.

National Shutdown unions

SAFTU protesters line the streets of Mzansi – Photo: Mikaela Nhondo / Twitter

Yet another National Shutdown threat has been issued by a group of unions this week. The allied partners, with almost one million members between them, have vowed to ‘wage war’ in order to get their demands met.

Previous National Shutdown events have been characterised by violence and road blockades – Photo: Supplied

Unions of South Africa vow to take on the ANC government, in bitter dispute over public sector wages

NEHAWU, POPCRU, and DENOSA are amongst the unions threatening to bring SA to a grinding halt. Last week, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana said that a public sector wage rise of 3% would be ‘forced through’. This, despite unions requesting a 10% hike.

As per the Public Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council (PSCBC), the situation remains deadlocked. Talks have been fruitless over the past month, and the dispute is still ‘unresolved’ as we head into November. A wave of industrial action is expected to follow soon.

“We certify that the dispute between NEHAWU, POPCRU, DENOSA, HOSPERSA and THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SERVICE & THE TREASURY remains unresolved, as of Tuesday 1 November. The refers to conciliation which started on Thursday 6 October.” | PSCBC

Is a National Shutdown now on the horizon? Nehawu, others seek ‘maximum disruption’

NEHAWU, the largest of all collaborating unions, are talking the toughest game on a National Shutdown. During an address made on Tuesday, one union leader said that upcoming strikes and stay-aways would be ‘bigger than anything ever seen’ in the public sector.

Mzansi can now consider itself ‘on notice’ for a particularly disruptive National Shutdown campaign:

“We are not going to a picnic, we are going to war. We going for a big war – bigger than has ever been seen in the public service… further updates will be given on when are we striking, when we are staying away, and when we are doing a National Shutdown.” | NEHAWU