Taxi fares

Minibus Taxi Cape Town / Image via Wikimedia Commons

Taxi fares could rise by 30% – here’s what commuters will have to pay…

Once again, working class South Africans will feel the pinch more than anyone else, as taxi fares look set for a major increase.

Taxi fares

Minibus Taxi Cape Town / Image via Wikimedia Commons

Hopping in a minibus might be one of the cheapest forms of travel in South Africa, but new proposals from the National Taxi Alliance could soon see taxi fares increase by an exorbitant amount. Operators, however, feel like they have been left with little other choice.

Why are taxi fares likely to increase?

Petrol prices are through the roof, and the cost of living crisis is starting to bite down hard on ordinary South Africans. With everything going wrong from a fiscal perspective, industries are having to evolve their business models just to survive – and public transport is feeling the strain.

National Taxi Alliance spokesperson Theo Malele told Radio 702 that they will submit plans to crank-up taxi fares by anywhere between 25% to 30%. The representative did say, however, that no operator should introduce a fee hike of MORE than 30%. That is very much the upper limit.

Doubling petrol price puts operators to the sword

Whether that gives any particular comfort to commuters remains to be seen. This would be the first national increase in taxi fares since late 2020 – over 18 months ago. Back then, you could get a litre of petrol for R13.75. That figure has now almost DOUBLED, to R26.31.

“The last time the industry placed an increase on taxi fares was just before 2021. We now propose that it be increased by 25% to 30%. Our business is community-based and it is the material conditions on the ground that determine the margin of adjustment.”

Theo Malele

How a 30% increase in taxi fares would impact the consumer

So, what would a 30% increase actually look like for commuters? Well, a simple R10 trip would be R3 more expensive, and anyone who relies on a R50 journey must now find an extra R15 from somewhere. Sadly, rising taxi fares will be another burden SA citizens have to bear…

  • R10 fares would go up to R13
  • R20 fares would go up to R26
  • R30 fares would go up to R39
  • R40 fares would go up to R52
  • R50 fares would go up to R65
  • R60 fares would go up to R78
  • R70 fares would go up to R91
  • R80 fares would go up to R104
  • R90 fares would go up to R117
  • R100 fares would go up to R130