Heatwave conditions in parts of SA will last until Thursday. Image: iStock

South Africa records a historic heatwave

According to the South African Weather Service (SAWS), South Africa has been gripped by a record-breaking heatwave.


Heatwave conditions in parts of SA will last until Thursday. Image: iStock

In an unprecedented turn of events, South Africa has been gripped by a record-breaking heatwave, leaving parts of the country sweltering under extreme temperatures.

The South African Weather Service reports that central regions have been grappling with scorching conditions for the past week. With mercury levels surging above 40 degrees Celsius in some areas.

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According to Forecaster Lehlohololo Thobela, Monday witnessed more than 10 weather stations across the nation marking their highest-ever recorded temperatures. Augrabies Falls, in particular, surpassed its previous record, reaching a scalding 46.7°C.

Image: X/@SAWeatherService

Heatwave was expierenced in most parts of the country

“Hot to very hot conditions were experienced across most parts of the country, with isolated areas enduring extremely hot weather for several consecutive days. The peak of these conditions occurred on 27 November 2023, affecting large portions of the Northern Cape, extending into adjacent areas of North West and the Free State.

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“More than 10 stations logged their highest temperature records on the 27th, with the Automatic Weather Station at Augrabies Falls setting a new maximum temperature record at 46.7°C, surpassing its previous mark of 46.2°C set on 28 November 2019. It’s crucial to note that while the current record for Augrabies Falls in November is 46.7°C, the all-time highest maximum temperature remains 48.6°C, recorded on 5 January 2016,” said Thobela.

Thobela emphasised that their report encompasses detailed records of the highest maximum temperatures across various stations. Specifically for the month of November.

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Looking ahead, he expressed concern about the uncertainty in global forecasts. Especially regarding the typical drier conditions associated with El Niño seasons over the eastern parts of the country.

Weather extremes expected to persist

“Weather extremes are expected to persist during the summer season, alongside the anticipation of drier conditions. Caution is advised, as the potential influence of the El Niño effect could alter the outlook for mid- and late-summer rainfall forecasts in the coming months,” Thobela cautioned.

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As South Africa grapples with this historic heatwave, the populace remains on high alert. Adapting to the challenges posed by this extreme weather event.